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Students for September 2019 intake

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Evankc, Apr 26, 2019.

  1. Have any one gotten there visa for September intake or still waiting ??
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  2. Still waiting, applied on 10th April online general category.
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  3. I applied on 11th April online, Medical upfront. still waiting
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  4. My upfront medical was on 29th March,
    Biometrics submitted on 12th April at VAC, New Delhi
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  5. Still waiting,
    Applied : 10th April
    Biometrics Collection Letter : 11th April
    Biometrics Submitted : 15th April
    Biometrics Reached to Bangalore VAC: 16th April
    No further updates.
    Do post your timelines as well.
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  6. 10-Apr-19: Application submitted online General

    11-Apr-19: Biometric instruction letter received

    12-Apr-19: Biometrics submitted at VAC Delhi

    12-Apr-19: VFS tracking 20190412*******

    15-Apr-19: 20190412******** received at VAC transit to IRCC

    24-Apr-19: Received Student acknowledgement letter
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  7. I believe you'll get your result soon, probably in 4 days. Good Luck
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  8. Thank you, good luck to you too!
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  9. Applied on 2nd April online SDS Category
    Biometrics done and updated on GCKey 8th April
    Student Acknowledgement Letter 16th April

    No updates after that.
  10. I thought people get result within 4 days after receiving Student acknowledgement letter..
  11. Apparently its taking a long time for Online SDS Applications right now. Plus Visa application processing time is highly unpredictable. I know someone who got his Visa yesterday and had applied 4-5 days after me.
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  12. Good day Sino Po dto Ang nag apply via regular stream nung March 15, 2019?
    Ako Po kasi Wala pa ding result till now..wish na maapprove Sana.. September intake Po ako..salamat
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  13. Let hope soon since May intake as start getting respond from CIC they will get to our turn for September intake
  14. Applied for visa on April 6th Online SDS
    Gave medical upfront
    Biometric appointment on 10th April

    Biometric code got updated online but still haven't received formal mail regarding it .
    Still waiting for the approval .

    Any idea by when we will get ? .
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