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Students for September 2019 intake

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Evankc, Apr 26, 2019.

  1. Which country do you apply from
  2. Give me your contact so we can have a discussion outside here
  3. It is your choice if you want to submit passport upfront along with the application. Upfront submission saves you a few days if your application is approved.

    You should submit your application atleast 3 months before your intake starts. In any case, submitting your application in the last 1 month peroid may result in refusal due to insufficient time for processing the application.
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  4. yes passport along with application
  5. Bangladesh

  6. Bangladesh processing time is 5 weeks and I guess it just completed the 5weeks and I will advice you to wait from now till next week if there is no respond then You can submit a case-specific enquiry or webform
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  7. do you have any idea why they are taking too much time? man this is totally irritating.

  8. I understand what you are going through . There is so many applicant and I know of few that are still waiting just as you are. It will surely get to your turn , you just have to be patient and any moment from now they will respond to your visa

  9. Do you know how to go about the contact through case specific enquiry or webform. I have someone who is really need of it as his school us resuming in the next few days and no respond yet from the visa high commission

  10. Don't worry i have found out through my research

  11. Which country are from ?
  12. Anyone going to nscc? Just wondering why they don't reply to emails.
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    I had applied with my wife on 27TH Feb, 2019..I have applied for study permit and and my wife as a dependent on visiting visa...Mine study is for PhD ...She has already received the request for Passport from the immigration office...I received a message that the eligibility review has been started on April 15 th ,still I have not received the final decision yet....I am worried as my University starts from May 6th. Shall I get the decision on time? After how many days of review of eligibility they give the final decision of the study permit?
  14. Hi Sam, did you apply this on same day? Sp and OWP? Tia.
  15. HI
    Hi, I applied on the same day...her is visiting visa ...I had made online application and I am from Nepal.

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