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Students for September 2019 intake

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Evankc, Apr 26, 2019.

  1. Hello All,

    I have filed my application under SDS category, College is Humber [Sept 2019 intake]. Can someone please confirm what is the next step after Biometrics? I did my Medical in November 2018 and was valid for 12 months so didn't go for it again.

    VFS office CHD gave tracking number for the Biometrics but I am not able to track anything on the below URL:


    Although, I have access to my CIC GC Key account to see status updates for my application. Anyone could outline the next steps for my file please?
  2. Hey @Evankc How is the reapplication coming along bro?
  3. Hi,

    I have also applied for humber September 2019 intake.Next step should be medicals passed, biometric validy/correspondence letter.If you have applied online status can be seen in gckey account. All the best to all in this thread.
  4. You have got your visa ?
  5. Not yet Tarandeep. Gave biometrics on 13th June. Filed online on 7th June. What about you?
  6. S
  7. Share your profile.. And tell me how many funds you have showed?
  8. I have done bachelors
    Applied for GBM graduate certificate Humber.
    Overall 7 bands not less than 6.5

    Applied under SDS online.
    Paid 1 yr tuition fee +GIC. Not shown any funds because my agent told that in SDS less paperwork is there.

    31st may 2019 medical
    7th June online file submission
    8th june biometric collection letter
    13th biometrics submitted and uploaded in GC key.

    Afterthat no update.

    Have you also applied in Humber ?
  9. hello guys, does anyone who has applied after may 2019 for student permit inside canada already received any answer from IRCC? I applied online for student visa on may 8th and now it's been 42 days without any update from IRCC, even though the website shows 33 days to process. Should I be worried about it?
  10. N
    No I have applied in seneca, 2 application because I got refusal that you will not leave canada and proposed study is not in light of previous studies. Today reapplied again with justification letter and showed funds and property papers.

    Applied both times sds online
  11. All the best brother.#Hope you get visa this time.

    Just 1 question after how long your medical was updated passed in GCKey account?
  12. Thanks and after 18 days my medical was updated as passed.
  13. Finally got the visa under University Checklist from Mumbai,
    My timeline is as below:
    15th May: Medial Done
    23rd May: Applied at VFS Mumbai,
    24th May: Application received at IRCC Bangalore.
    29th May: Notification of Medical Passed
    6th June: 1st Acknowledgement Letter
    19th June: Correspondence letter of Biometrics
    20th June: Approved in Portal

    Thank you all for sharing their experiences and wish you all the best
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  14. Yes there is A service to submit your biometric early by paying 2600 inside the vfs office. I also did same so you can go and book VIP appointment
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  15. Thank you for the response. But what are those tracking details for? you get it from VFS office, I was told to track it using the tracking number and i have been trying on the URL below:

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