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Sending passport from USA to Canada

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by Akki045, Jul 23, 2017.

  1. It would be great if members here could guide me. Is there a reason that people here didn't use USPS? I am in a traveling job and USPS is the only one that would drop the passports back in my mail box instead of requiring me to sign for it. Is it just a matter of preference that most people used FedEx or UPS?

  2. I used USPS to ship to Ottawa, however shipping back is a different matter. USPS doesn't pick up from them like Fedex. I originally sent it with a return UPS label, however they contacted me via email and asked me to send a FedEx label, so that's what I did. Here are the directions they sent me below...

    To purchase a FedEx online shipping label please follow the instructions below. If you need help call FedEx at 1-800-463-3339

    1) CONTROL & CLICK ON THIS LINK https://www.fedex.com/lite/lite-ship.html?locale=en_ca&cntry_code=ca_english#address

    2) FILL IN THE SHIP “FROM” address section with the CPC-Ottawa mailing address as below:

    First Name: CPC-Ottawa | CTD-Ottawa


    Email: (Your email address)

    Street Number: 365

    Street Name: Laurier Ave

    Direction: West

    City: Ottawa

    Province: Ontario

    Postal Code: K1A 1L1

    3) FILL IN THE SHIP “TO” address section with your mailing address details

    4) DESCRIBE ITEM: Weight (kg): 0.200kg, Length (cm): 24 Width: 16 Height: 1

    5) SELECT YOUR SERVICE (Priority, Overnight , Saturday Delivery, etc).

    6) FOR PICK-UP select Item #3 – pre-arranged pickup.

    7) REVIEW all mailing details and pay online.


    When you receive the e-mail confirmation from FedEx - do not print out the label - open the shipping label and save the label as an electronic version (PDF file) on the desktop of your computer.

    Do not send a picture of the label or the payment receipt. Do not forward the e-mail sent to you by the courier.

    ONLY SEND a pdf version of the courier label.


    9) REPLY TO THIS EMAIL and provide a copy of the label as an attachment. Do not change the subject heading of the e-mail.
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  3. Sorry for the late reply..

    1. Only customs invoice
    2. Free Carrier
    3. Leave that unchecked.

    Hope that helps.

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  4. Hello Friends, I have to send my passports to Canada from US.
    I am planning to send onward via USPS and create a return label from Fedex.

    I have few questions for return label
    1. I asked Fedex customer care about commercial invoice, after reading it on few forums, she said it is not required for documents.
    2. What will be the value of my documents/passports ?
    3. Will CIC schedule a pickup or drop off to Fedex office ?

    I am planing to use an economy service, has anyone used it ?
  5. Guys, when sending to PO box address via FedEx from US. What is the phone number you guys provided for CPCO? FedEx is not accepting envelopes to PO Box in Canada which doesn't have phone number in it
  6. Hello ,

    How did you send your package to po box via fedex? and how did you manage to get a return envelope?
    Any leads will be appreciated.

    Thanking u in advance.

    Best Regards,
  7. Hello,

    How did you send your package to po box via fedex? and how did you manage to get a return envelope?
    Any leads will be appreciated.

    Thanking u in advance.

    Best Regards,
  8. You can send to a PO Box via FEDEX as long as you have a phone number. I wasn't sure about the phone number, so I used USPS and used 1-3 days delivery which also goes through FedEx, ironically.

    To get a return envelope you will have to make an account on Fedex.com and create shipment label from 'Ottawa' to "Your Address'. You can follow the detailed instructions mentioned above to or here is another similar forum with instructions on page 4. ( https://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/threads/correct-address-for-sending-passport-from-us.554444/page-4 )

    Hope that helps.
  9. Thank you so much for your reply and this definitely helps!
    I really appreciate it.

    Follow up question- Was this your address to Ottawa ?

    Corrections/Supporting Documentation/US PR/TR VISA
    PO Box 8781 STN T CSC
    Ottawa ON K1G 5B3

    Again, I really appreciate your time.

    Best Regards,
  10. Yes, that is the address I used. I know some people were still leaning towards using the old address, but I went with this as it is the one in the e-mail.
    My package is still in transit, and hopefully will arrive there today.

    I am glad that was helpful.

  11. Hello Friends,

    I am stuck at 'Customs Information' section which is the 3rd section in FedEx Ship Manager Lite. There are 2 divisions for Products Or Documents... Please can you let me know what needs to be selected here so that we can have the necessary commercial invoice generated.
    Also, I suppose this is only required for return shipment? Onward shipment can be done in either local USPS or FedEx office in person?

    Please let me know your thoughts.
  12. Can we use PO Box address in FROM address in return envelope? What will be the phone number to be used for this?
  13. Hello everyone! I have a quick question. I am trying to create a label online to send my docs to CIC for CoPR etc..
    I am confused about the Contact Name. I want to type CIC but am not sure if I should mention "CPCO - PR VISA" and "US Permanent/Temporary Residence VISA/Passports" anywhere. I guess that would be the division we are sending the package to.
    Any help on this matter?
    Thank you so much.
  14. Thank you for the information! I did exactly what you did for the return envelope. I put the three return shipping labels into the pouch on the Fedex return envelope, and the two copies of commercial invoice separated and not in the pouch and put a sticker on it to let CIC staff sign and put them into the pouch later. Now I'm a little worried that they won't sign the invoices or they won't put them into the pouch... So I wonder did your passport come back ok? Did they sign? Did they put the invoice into the pouch on the return envelope? Thank you!
  15. Any one knows the Indian Passport weight? and
    What will we get in return ? Just passport or any documents along with it??

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