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Sending passport from USA to Canada

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by Akki045, Jul 23, 2017.

  1. I added signature confirmation and final was $82 for me. $170 is a lot of money for this, plus $50 just for photos. Medicals also too expensive in US ($950 for a family of three).

    I wish I had applied EE from India (15k for medicals, 400 for passport, some hundred for photos) ! Would have finished things a lot cheaper!
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  2. The difference in amount of money everyone here paid was because of different weightage each of us put while creating the label. Also international priority is cheaper than international first. Last but not least, commercial invoice is something that is always needed for any international shipping. FedEx return label didn't generate it because it's the shippers responsibility (CPC OTTAWA PR in that case). If they ask for the invoice, simply download it from.your FedEx account and email it to CPC.

    YOU all should be fine :)
  3. Also, the quote generated was a courtesy rate and actual rate will be different.
  4. Hello All

    What phone no should I give for creating FedEx shipping label to CPC

    It seems phone no is mandatory field.

  5. I put in their helpline number. Have not yet gotten my passport back, still in queue for shipping back.
  6. Thanks Systix for your quick reply.

    Have few more queries

    1. What value did you put for document in the custom section.
    2. Where did you get an option to create the commercial invoice.

  7. my 2 cents - skip fedex, just go to a UPS store and they will do everything for you.
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  8. Hi Prakash, it really depends on the specific city / specific store... I'm in a small town, and the UPS here does not issue Canada prepaid label...
  9. Hi Akki045, did you end up getting your passport back? How long in total did it take?
  10. Submitting invoices are necessary when there is no proof on label that who is paying for the shipment and CPC wants to make sure that they are not paying for the shipment. I am not sure about FedEx but in UPS once you have an account created and print the return label you will see three fields. Billing: Paid by Receiver [your account number], Document Description: [Your document description] and Return Service: PAYMENT GUARANTEED. So first and third field clearly shows that who is paying, so no confusion for anybody. Make sure you hold your UPS account in good standing. 2nd field is useful for customs.

    I liked other thing about UPS that you don't have to create custom documentation as there is checkbox which says "Documents with No Commercial Value". Condition is, your envelope should contain document only.

    That's what I did, so far everything went well, I believe inbound will be as smooth as outbound :)
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  11. Thanks for the info. Great info. I have one question, do we need to sign the return commercial invoice or CPC ottawa will sign that while returning ?
  12. You will need to sign the invoice. They will not sign anything.
  13. I actually forgot to sign the return commercial invoice .. but it did make it's way back ok. But I would suggest sign it since I have come across some one off cases where shipments were delayed due to return commercial invoice not being signed.
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  14. Wow! Did you get overnight service with that? That's pretty expensive, I used USPS to send it to Ottawa for a little over $20, and then FedEx return for $23 or so. I had problems using UPS, and CPC-Ottawa contacted me asking to send a prepaid FedEx label for them to return COPR.
  15. Yes it was overnight. I'm not sure what the store guy put in there for it to be $82. Return happened using my account generated label and it was only $40 something. I used a big envelope while sending to put everything in, so I presume that might have increased the price.

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