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Sending passport from USA to Canada

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by Akki045, Jul 23, 2017.

  1. Hi All,

    Need one help. I have recently got PPR with request for sending passport to Ottawa.
    I am Indian,currently residing in US on work visa.
    Can i send my passport outside of the country to Ottawa? Also which courier company should i use for sending the return envelope? (UPS, Fedex)
    Can someone share their experience?
  2. UPS or FedEx are both fine. Make sure you print the return label from home because they won't be able to generate the label from the store.
  3. Thanks.
    What about the customs forms for both countries? Will they help in including those at the store?
  4. But don't those labels have some sort of validity? Like ten days or so ? What if we don't get back passports by then?

    Also where to click photos for copr?
  5. There is no shipping date to enter for a return label and they never expire.


    4. Is there an expiration date for the print or email return label?

    As long as the account that created the label is in good standing, the print return label does not have an expiration date. Email return labels may be set to be accessible for a maximum of up to 2 years from the date of the request, including US Domestic FXE, FXG, and FXSP. Once the email return label has been printed, like the print return label, it never expires for use, as long as the account that created the label is in good standing.
  6. Hi Akki045,

    I am in a similar boat as yourself (Indian residing in US). It seems many people do send their passports out of the country. Sharing my experience below:

    I personally used FedEx. In brief: I created an online fedex account ( a personal account), and using the FedEx Ship Manager (not the Ship Manager Lite), created a shipment which included a return label. I also opted for the commercial invoice to be generated for both onward and return packages as I had heard that some people (who had sent their passports to Ottawa from US) had reported that they were asked by CIC to provide a new shipping label with a commercial invoice.

    You can use the passport processing tracker on myimmitracker here: https://myimmitracker.com/en/ca/trackers/passport-processing-tracker
    to get an idea of the kind of wait times experienced by ppl.

    The shipping labels created with selecting a package type of an envelope, along with a document type of immigration papers declared at value of $1 for both onward and return packages. I had purchased one large bubble-wrap envelop (which could take 11" x 17" sized docs) for the onward package and a medium bubble wrap envelope (which could take a 11" x 8.5" doc). For the package type, I measured the bubble wraps envelopes that I had and put those dimensions in as custom. I collected all docs (pport, photos, annex a, return envelop), took everything together and wrote a simple cover letter explaining the documents and artefacts included.

    The Fedex shipment gave me quite a few documents printed out.

    4 labels for the onward shipment, 2 commercial invoices for the onward shipment. I made sure everything on the onward label was correct, and signed the two commercial invoices and included them in the standard fedex ziploc pouches that affix on top of the envelope (they just give you a couple of those at the fedex locations if you ask for them).

    I affixed a similar ziploc pouch on the return envelope. I put the 3 return labels within the pouch.

    I took:
    The passports
    annex A
    fedex return shipment instructions
    fedex return commercial invoice (separate from the labels that were put into the return envelope's pouch since they had to be signed by the person returning)
    return envelope with return labels within the pouch,​
    and put all of the above on the onward and sent the package. The cover letter that I wrote , explained exactly what each thing was.

    Hope that helped even though am a bit late.
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  7. Thanks for this.

    I missed this post, but followed the same route though with some differences.

    I created an online account too, but couldn't create return label due to some reason. It was asking me to fix some error, but wouldn't show what the error was. So I went to FedEx store asking for assistance. They told me that they won't be able create return label from their end.

    So I used their self serve station and printed an envelope with Canada in from address and my address in to address. It won't be a return label exactly, but like a label created for shipping from Canada address to US address. I gave my account number for billing. The self serve stations are free of cost if one is using them for FedEx shipments. Even printing is free. So it's better to take advantage of them. Once I fired a print, I called the store staff and they just took control of the process from there. I'm not sure what it even printed in addition to label. The staff was quite proficient in that matter, so he put everything in order for me. He gave a commercial invoice to sign as well, and put everything inside that transparent envelope behind the label.

    I then used regular store service (not my account) to ship from US to Canada. I used big FedEx envelope to send and regular sized envelope for return package.

    The only thing that upset me is that he charged me $78 for onward shipment. They have some cheaper option too.
    He mentioned that he's not seeing any option there apart from international priority. When I was trying to create the label, international priority was only $44. I'm not sure why he didn't get any options with lower shipping price.

    Not sure if weight of big envelope along with three passports, and return envelope made any difference to cost as I have thought that if it's FedEx envelope, it's flat price.
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  8. Can you explain the correct process in a nutshell? So when I receive a PPR, what should I do? Tell me the process if I want to use FED-EX plainly.

  9. Hi.. Thanks for the detailed process.
    But i think i might have an issue now.
    I sent my passport on July 24th and it was delivdered on July 25th but the return envelope that i sent doesnot have a commerical invoice with it.
    Rest all is exactly same as you. Immigration papers with dollar 1 value and return labels in the pouch but i asked Fedex multiple times whether a commercial invoice be needed and they said no everytime and didnot add that.

  10. Not yet sure if the invoice will be an issue. Since this is something that I heard about only recently. Even in those cases cic is just asking the candidates to send updated return labels with invoices. So nothing too critical unless you are constricted for time add this might add a day or two. In the grand scheme of things of what we have gone through I guess a day or two may be nothing...
  11. @DEEPCUR, I to noticed that error first, but it was fixed of I entered a non zero value in the document value...
  12. I tried playing around with amounts too, not sure what I was missing because it was just showing error, but wouldn't show where. I really wanted to do labels by myself and take everything from home ready to avoid missing things at store in a sense of hurry.

    Anyways, it's done now!

    By the by, how much it costed you for US to Canada shipping?
  13. I hope so too.
    Although i don't know why some fedex people not letting us do that. we asked them multiple times but they didnot give us the option of putting a commercial invoice.

  14. Same as yours for onward.. $78.. I got an estimate of $85 for the return...
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  15. I guess customs randomly check only few mails, not everything. I know many people who didn't have any issues without any additional documentation like invoice.

    If it is held in custom, FedEx will request commercial invoice from you. Template available online. You could keep it ready if you feel iffy about it. They release the package immediately after you send it.

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