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Sending passport from USA to Canada

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by Akki045, Jul 23, 2017.

  1. Got it today
  2. thanks. I sent mine on friday, It was delivered to CPCO today
  3. Good luck. BTW, can confirm that you needn't send an empty envelope if FedEx.
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    Could you please tell me where is the option to print the return label? Did you all use FedEx manager lite (Link shared above) or Fedex website for return label?
  5. I think I used Lite, I already had an account before hand. I did run into some problems however, and I'd recommend stopping by a Fedex Kinkos to get assistance. When my package arrived in my city, something went wrong and they attempted to send it back to Ottawa. Had I not been watching it like a hawk, and making repeated calls to get the course corrected, who knows when I would've ended up getting it.
  6. Hi, I had some queries with respect to mailing passports via Fedex to CPC Ottawa,

    Q1. What is the Phone# for CPC Ottawa, that we would enter when creating the Fedex label?
    Q2. Can the return address be different from the mailing address on our EE application/profile?
    Q3. The mailing address requires us to include "US Permanent /Temporary Residence VISA/Passports". Where do we enter that? Would it be in the Company field or Contact field? Also, both of these fields have a length limit.
    Q4. Do we sign the return commercial invoices (or) would the case worker sign those when returning the parcel? There is mixed guidance for this across the forum. Some has recommended signing and placing it in the return envelope pouch, while others have mentioned including it in the main envelope for CIC to sign.
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  7. Hi,

    I just received my Passport Request letter from CIC for PR Express Entry. I am currently residing in USA. I was given a PO Box Address. FedEx and UPS don't deliver to this address and also won't help me generate a return label for this. I have emailed IRCC about this address because it is different from what is mentioned here: https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/application/account/where-submit-passport.html#U

    Any Ideas?

  8. Fedex delivers to PO box in Canada. Its like a smart delivery in the US. They have an agreement where mail is opened by the authorized personnel. Some FedEx employees may not know this, ask them to call their helpline number.
    Source: sent my passport last week using fedex.
  9. Got response from IRCC to send the passport at the other address to which normal FedEx delivers.

    Thanks for the reply.
  10. Hello, Just wondering if anyone asked them to send passport and photographs to Visa Offices in Los Angeles or New York. I live in Los Angeles and it would definitely be convenient to send passport locally rather than mailing it to Ottawa. I have emailed them about this but yet to hear from them - wondering if someone here might know about this?
  11. It needs to be sent to Canada. They have designated centers to process PR applications for People living in US and you can not send to any other location of your choice.
  12. From what I've seen in the forum, most people from the US have been assigned to Ottawa for this stage in the process.
  13. Great discussion! I have a question:
    Below is a part of the instructions on sending passport to CPCO.
    • a completed commercial invoice in order to allow parcels to pass through customs authorities (this will be produced as part of the FedEx online shipping label).
    While creating a label, should I select 'commercial' for Customs Info? Also, if yes, any thoughts on what to put in?

    Thanks in advance!
  14. Here is a response I receive from IRCC only today which was already posted by another forum member. However IRCC didn't answer my question because I was looking for a non PO Box address to send the passport. Anyway, hope this helps you:

    To purchase a FedEx online shipping label please create an account on the FedEx website https://www.fedex.com/en-ca/home.html.

    1) Ctrl-Click on “Ship now” under Ship section;

    · If you already have a FedEx account, sign in and then select “Ship now” under “Shipping” tab

    2) Click on “Ship Lite” under “FedEx Ship Manager Lite” section

    3) Fill in the ship “From” address section with the CPC-Ottawa mailing address as below;

    · First Name: KEEP YOUR OWN NAME

    · Company: Leave blank

    · Country: Canada

    · Street Address: 365 Laurier Ave West

    · Apt/Etage/Bureau/Suite: Leave blank

    · Postal Code: K1A 1L1

    · City: OTTAWA

    · Province: Ontario


    · Email notifications: KEEP YOUR OWN EMAIL ADDRESS

    · Tax ID no.: Leave blank

    4) Fill in the ship “To” address section with YOUR OWN MAILING ADDRESS DETAILS and YOUR OWN PHONE NUMBER;

    5) To avoid additional fees, Check “This is a residential address” under “Perform detailed address check

    6) Select “item”: FedEx Envelope, 0.2 kg. Carriage value: Leave blank.

    7) Select “SHIP DATE”: If not today or tomorrow (further in the future)

    8) Select the fastest delivery service offered in your region

    9) For pick-up, select Item #3 – Use an already scheduled pickup at my location

    DO NOT SELECT “Schedule a pickup”

    10) Shipment payment Method:

    This is the billing payment method that will ensure the return of your documents

    · Bill to: MY ACCOUNT

    Account no.: My account – XXX-XXX

    · DO NOT check the box “Billing address is the same as my (From) address”,

    o The billing address should match the billing address on the credit card account.


    · When you receive the e-mail confirmation from FedEx, open the shipping label and save the label as an electronic version (PDF file) on the desktop of your computer.

    · Print all the pages of the pdf file, including commercial invoices, on plain white paper, single sided,

    · Include in to your parcel ALL the pages that printed with your documents:

    o Please include an empty FedEx envelope (24,13 cm x 31,75 cm).
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