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Sample Intent to reside outside Quebec Letter

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by merryclark, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. Hello Guys,
    I have applied for Permanent Residency under Canadian Experience Class. Currently, I reside (work) in Montreal, Quebec. yesterday, I received an email from immigration office ottawa, asking for a letter for intent to reside outside Quebec.
    Well, I have been looking for a suitable job in Ontario since July. I have been applied for many jobs but got refused due to my work permit limitation. I believe i can send them my application history to justify my intention to reside outside the Quebec.
    Guys, I am looking for some sample letter of intent to know the format and content better. Please help.
    Thank you very much guys!

  2. As this situation doesn't arise v much on this forum, you will probably have more luck if you draft a letter and post it here for people to advise on

    I'm not sure that job hunting alone will work though:
    - do you have a network of friends or family in Ontario?
    - do you have any other ties to other provinces other than Quebec?

    Anything else you can think of that shows intent to live outside Quebec would really help
  3. Hi Merry,

    I'm traveling in the same boat as you are but I have not received the request yet. I did some research on this forum and I found the following thread pretty useful.


    It does not have any specific format but importantly most points which you can showcase in your letter.

    Hopefully all will be well!

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  4. This is my draft:

    To: Citizenship and Immigration Canada
    Re : Letter of intent to reside outside the province of Quebec

    I, ………….., born on …………….. , resident of ……………………., am a temporary resident in Canada, and I am employed in Montreal, Quebec. I have applied for permanent residence under Canadian Experience Class on ………. Through this letter, I would like to confirm my intention to reside outside the province of Quebec.
    I have been actively looking for employment outside the province of Quebec and am willing to relocate as soon as I find suitable employment or acquire permanent resident status. In the last few months, I have had several job interviews but have failed to obtain employment because of my work permit restriction (My work permit expires on ……….). I currently have a job interview in progress and hope it will be successful. I have no plan to settle in the province of Quebec.
    Should you require any additional information, please feel free to contact me. Thank you in advance for considering my request.
    Yours sincerely,

    Seniors please suggest if it can work

    Thank you
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  5. Have you applied for bowp?
  6. Currrently, I am on BOWP, Thats expiring April 2014
  7. Hi - If you on BOWP then you can work anywhere in canada right. There was no restriction to work in Montreal.
    Seniors, Correct me if i'm wrong.
  8. Well, I know i can work anywhere (Just looking for suitable job). CIC asked me send "Intent to reside outside Quebec" letter.

    Senior, Any suggestions?
  9. Hi,

    I just thought I'd help out although I'm not sure if it's too late. I was asked to provide the same thing! So I did the following: I provided copies confirming that I had applied for jobs in Ontario, I wrote a letter about family ties in Ontario, I did my undergraduate degree in Ontario so I highlighted that as well.. Since I lived in Ontario before moving to Montreal, I provided copies of my Ontario issued driver's license, and my OHIP card. My situation is a bit different as I used to live in Ontario but maybe that will help. It was suggested to me to provide Affidavits but I didn't go with that due to time. All the best and let us know if it works!
  10. there is no good template letter.

    If you really intend to live outside quebceck, be sincere. Tell them the truth, what brought you to Quebec, what is the plan and what are further steps.
    CIC are people for people.

    If you want to live in Quebec, the situation becomes complicated. You can still try to convince them but I would suggest looking at how to become a PR according to Quebec regulations. As a Canadian to be, I cannot advise you on it.

    Finding a job for a few months out of Quebec will be just a warning signal to the officer reviewing your application.
  11. Actually a job outside Quebec is the best thing. It shows that you will have to work outside of Quebec, which is not something you can do on the weekend or short hours. You will have to be living there. That's how I proved my intent. I went to university in Montreal, and got my 1 year work experience in Montreal, and then moved to Toronto. They still asked me to prove my intent even though I had a letter of intent with my application.
  12. Was anyone lucky with their letter on convincing the Case officer of your intention of living outside Quebec? if so please share what your letter content was and a list of supporting documents :)
  13. Just write a letter saying your intention is to live in another state.

  14. Hi,

    I am going to be in a similar situation soon. I came to Montreal on a one year IEC visa. I renewed it for a further 2 years. So in total I have lived in Montreal for 3 years. Not all my work experience qualifies but in October 2015 I will have definitely acquired enough experience to have had 1 year relevant experience in a skilled occupation within the last 3 years. (Unfortunately my experience is expiring from my first year here so if I went the Quebec route, by the time my visa expires I won't have 1 year within the last 2 which is the Quebec requirement but I will have 1 within the last 3 as per the CEC requirements).

    As my current job is in Montreal and I need to stay in this job to accrue the requisite 12 months I am wondering what my best course of action is regarding trying to prove I wish to live outside of Quebec? Ideally I would like to stay here but my priority is remaining in Canada and I am willing to relocate to do so. If I apply under CEC with 12 months experience and attain a bridging permit while awaiting a decision can I still apply to the Quebec experience class while I try to pass the language exams and accrue 12 months experience in Quebec for example or must I go the route of trying to prove (and is this even possible?) I intend to move elsewhere?

    A last question: How is the 1 year experience actually calculated? Is it in actual hours as in 1560 over year or is it in days, weeks or months? My jobs were 40 hours for 6 months, 35 hours for 2.5 months and currently 40 hours for 2 months which is 10.5 in months but over 1560 hours.

    Any help or advise on this would be much appreciated. My visa expires on October 24 so I really need to get all this in order asap!

  15. Willingness to relocate won't cut it.
    Right now you don't have any ties with other provinces, so you'd have to work hard to establish, document and present them in a convincing way and from what I've read it's not easy.

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