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Refugee Applications in 2019 for Less Complex Cases

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by Keliwal, Mar 23, 2019.

  1. A letter saying that you will be considered as a less complex case doesn't mean you will get a decision soon. I could be 6+ months until you hear anything. That is considered fast processing when there are 70000 asylum applicants.
  2. First of all, timeline varies for each case, some gets their response in a month and some in 6+ months. You can’t generalize all cases to 6+ months.
    Secondly, not all 70k claimants are considered for less complex cases, so the average 22 months timeline doesn’t apply to the file review process. Moreover, Minister Hussen alluded that processing timelines might cut in half for refugees once the new system is fully in place and new recruitment is completed.
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  3. Processing times were almost 2 years. I am just saying that getting a letter saying you have been selected as a less complex case doesn’t mean you will get a decision next month. Just means that they are sorting cases into 2 piles during intake: less complex and guaranteed full hearing. When people get their less complex letter they assume they will get a decision soon. People have received their less complex letter in December/January and haven’t received a decision. There are people asking about a decision weekly after getting their less complex letter. Anything under a year would be considered half of the previous processing times and yet again government promises doesn’t equal real life. Hopefully people will get processed faster but people who applied 2 months ago and are asking about how much longer they will need to wait for a decision.
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  4. Please find me someone who has received asylum 1 month after arriving in Canada. Didn’t even happen before the large increase in asylum seekers. Just want people to have a realistic timeframe.
  5. I agree.
  6. Hello All,
    I have received a letter from IRB on March 20, that you’re claim comes under less complex claims and I have submitted support documents and certificate of readiness on 11 April 2019 as per their instruction and still no update.
    Could anyone share the timeline.
  7. I think it takes 2-4 months to get the final decision after submitting certificate of readiness. When did you submit your application?
  8. Good day

    Can someone assist with the email address for submission of the refugees application as in the city where I am living now there is no canadian consulates (embassy)
  9. Hi, did you hear anything from IRB?
  10. I think it varies based on countries.
  11. When you're seeking asylum, you're not supposed to return to your home country, if that's the reason you seek asylum for. Going back to the country you claim you have fear of returning to, has jeopardize your claim. I am just stating an hypothesis here, I don't know your story. But if my hypothesis is correct, then you should not do anything about it. Canada and USA do not share immigration data, as we are made to believe. There are certain high risk names that they may share, which when they show up in their system, it will flag up in red. If you inform them that you returned to your country and even applied for a US Visa, my dear, I don't want to preempt their response. An African proverb says, "Any truth that you will say that will destroy a marriage, is best not said." I hope you understand the meaning.
    Good luck in your undertakings.
  12. I don’t remember the exact dates but here’s my time line
    Applied refugee case in early 2018
    First hearing got postponed
    Got letter about less complex case category and submitted documents in late February 2019
    Decision made mid April
    Got notice of decision 2 weeks later by mail

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  13. can i know which province please?
  14. How did IRB inform of the decision, through email or mail letter?

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