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Refugee Applications in 2019 for Less Complex Cases

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by Keliwal, Mar 23, 2019.

  1. Hello,

    Did anybody who submit their claims in 2019 and come under less complex cases received a letter from the IRB? Please share your timeline and details with us.

    Those who received letters, in how much time did the IRB sent them the final decision?

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  2. l was eligible on the 15 March 2019 and have just completed my Medicals on the 22nd March .
  3. I made a mistake to inform that i was back to my home country both in generic and schedule 2 what shall i do to correct my
  4. Mistake to the immigration office. Thank you for your support
  5. What kind of mistake?
    I think you can bring changes to your application before your hearing. Confirm with your lawyer.
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  6. You returned to your home country after filing for asylum?
  7. Before I ask the asylum, due to family problem i was forced to go back to my home coutry illegally and no one knows except a few family that i was back. While i was there i got an invitation to USA from my cousin and made an interview at USA embassy and back again to the country where i asked asylum.
    Now the problem is i didn't mention to my shedule forms that i went back my coutry of origin. Now the problem is i also considered that my date which i fled from my coutry is the previous one
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  8. Before I ask asylum
  9. You need to correct this before IRCC finds this and bans you from Canada for five years.
  10. How do i correct my mistakes? Just by emailing them or by refilling my schedule again.and is it possible to correct my mistakes my email. Thank you in advance
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  12. It looks like folks who submitted their claims in 2019 and come under less complex cases haven’t heard anything from IRB.
    Can any share timeline for overall less complex cases or expedited cases?
  13. I applied for asalum in December 2019 and received a letter about less complex claims in February. Sent my certificate of readiness and never received anything else
    My country came out for the short term interview but I dont know when it's going to be. April
  14. You mean December 2018? So it's a quick timeline. When did you get your refugee claimant document, early December or late December? Hopefully, your case will be expedited insha Allah.
  15. Yes, I'm sorry for misprint
    I meant early December 2018, after that I had a letter for Less Complex claims in February 2019 and now waiting for "short term interview"
    Looks like they didnt start them yet. I dont think my case will be expedited. My country was in the list for short term interview
    I wanted to ask may be anyone waiting for the same thing? Or received any letters?

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