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Refugee Applications in 2019 for Less Complex Cases

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by Keliwal, Mar 23, 2019.

  1. I filed my claim in July 2018, i recieved an expedite process letter in January 28, 2019 and i recieved the decision on February 21, 2019 ( the dead line to submit additional doc stated in the expedite process letter was 19 Feb). So if u count from the date of the letter issued to the decision made its a month, but from the deadline to the decision it's 2 days. I recieved the letter in the 27.
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  2. Looks like it's going to take months...
    Is there any difference to have an interview in Toronto or Montreal?
  3. Asylum is a federal issue so moving won’t change your processing time.
  4. I heard that a claimant from Afghanistan applied in January 2019 and received his letter of expedited process for less complex cases in April 2019.
    It looks like process is getting faster under IRB’s new policy.
  5. Yes things are moving faster now out of necessity. Just because you got a letter doesn't mean you will get approval or refusal right away. It still could take some time.
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  6. Hello,

    How long does it take from submitting the certificate of readiness to receiving a decision on an expedited case (Less complex claims)?
    Please share timeline. Today I received a letter from IRB stating that my case is considered for expedited process.

  7. It can vary. Not set timeline and this new system is relatively new so nobody really knows.
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  8. 1-2 Month
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  9. Hello,

    Did anybody who submit their claims in March 2019 and come under less complex cases received a letter from the IRB? Please share your timeline and details with us.

    Those who received letters, in how much time did the IRB sent them the final decision?

  10. You just arrived and haven't been selected for less complex cases. Every case is different and some have been waiting over 2 years. You need to be patient and see what happens.
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    I was chosen for the Less Complex Category in Jan 2019, and sent back my Certificate of Readyness right away. In February, 30 days later, I received a decision. Be patient and obey/observe Canada´s laws always.
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  12. What decision did u get??
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  13. positive
  14. I filed my claim in March 2019, i choose for the less Complex category in 29 April 2019 .
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