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Refugee Applications in 2019 for Less Complex Cases

Discussion in 'Refugees and Asylum' started by Keliwal, Mar 23, 2019.

  1. 11 April 2019
  2. Just a reminder to be happy because many people have to wait for full hearings so at least you’ll be processed faster than many. Also some people waiting from 2017 from expedited countries list. People who arrived in late 2018 or 2019 are benefitting from a new and much faster process. PR application for protected people has also gotten much faster. Had been 21 months for a very long time then got close to 3 years and now it is closer to 15 months so you are still looking at a much faster processing time (2+ years in some cases).
  3. Hi, do you know how many cases out of 70k are less complex/ file review cases? From the list of countries it seems less than 10%.
    It looks like it’s totally case oriented and subject to the performance of members/ judges.
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  4. Hi everyone,
    I hav sent in a letter to the IRB regarding my case, however it has been 3 weeks and no reply from them.
    I called IRB they acknowledged that they received the letter, but didn't give an answer as to when they'll reply. Also the case-officer that I speak to isn't helpful, and resentful (in comparison to my colleague's case-officers who answer their queries).

    Anyways, does anyone have an idea or has had experience with how long IRB takes to respond back?
    Does anyone have an idea of how to change the case-officer? (she didn't even know there's a less complex file category!! That's scary!!)
  5. Hi, I am not sure if you can speak to your case officer. The ones you speak to are call center operators and neither you can change your case officer I reckon.
    Again, it all depends on the member and the case officer.
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  6. You may not get a reply. All depends on what you were asking in your letter.
  7. Cases are separated out at the processing level. Being classified as a less complex case had nothing to do with judges. No idea what percentage of cases are classified as less complex. The program is just over 6 months old.
  8. That's confusing, if it were separated at the processing level I would have received recognition as less complex case before people that applied after me, and even same month as me
    but am going to stop comparing my case, just be patient....
  9. You applied before the program started. Looks like it really started around the new year.
  10. Oh I see, thank you, hopefully maybe my case officer reads my country name/type of prosecution, and adds me to less/complex :D
  11. Hello friends,

    Today I received my notice of decision/ acceptance. Here is a recap of my timeline:
    Applied on January 3rd 2019.
    Eligibility interview and receipt of refugee claimant document on January 22nd 2019.
    Received letter for file review process/ expedited and less complex case on April 18th 2019.
    Received notice of decision on July 15th 2019.
  12. Congrats bro, all the very best for the future.
    Your country of origin is Afghanistan?
  13. Yes. Thanks
  14. Congratulations!!!
  15. Hi friends my application transferred from Montreal to Toronto my application select for less complex in may .

    Any body know what’s the reason why my case transferred to toranton ?

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