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PRC (Permanent Resident Card) Renewal Timeline 2019

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by immigrant7, Feb 1, 2019.

  1. I received mine by mail this morning as well.
  2. Hi bt1995 congratulations , your case took a little longer but you got it eventually .
    MDh2o, Congratulations again , thank you for update.
    I was travelling so am updating with a few days delay.
    I received my PRC in mail today Tuesday 7 May , my status was updated a few days back on Friday 3rd May as " approved ".
    Application mailed on 23 April by courier from GTA.
    Application received 25 April Thursday.
    Processing started 26 April Friday ,
    Approved on Friday May 3rd.
    Card received in my mail in GTA on Tuesday May 7 ( today ).
    Total time about two weeks.

    Answer to your question bt1995 , it takes 3 to 5 working days by Canada Post . Mine took about three days.

    Just to let you know I sent my wife's PRC renewal application in same envelope by courier on 23 rd April with mine. Her case processing started on 26 April just like mine. Her status is still " in process " and her card , we are still awaiting. So my happiness is half but I am very hopeful that her status will change in a few days and hopefully we will get the card next week.

    Thank you and best wishes all.
  3. Hi bt1995 ,

    For how many day was your case status stuck ' in process ' . And how many days in total it took from the date the application was received to the time it was approved . Thank you.

    I wish my wife's case gets decided soon , she is somewhat anxious.
  4. Yup! In Toronto! I was surprised as well. They must be having some expedited shipping agreement with Canda post!
  5. #168Tuesday at 10:37 PM
    Hi bt1995 ,

    For how many day was your case status stuck ' in process ' . And how many days in total it took from the date the application was received to the time it was approved . Thank you.

    I wish my wife's case gets decided soon , she is somewhat anxious by now . Though it's not long that we applied , hers and mine applications were received on 25 April , processing started on 26 th . I have already received my new PRC card , her case is still " in process " .
  6. I apply for a renewal of my p r card on march 31.they receive my application on April 4,2019.Today I call ircc to check the status of my application. The person on other side told me that they didn't find my application .He told me to wait another 30 day's. Can senior members guess what's going on.any advice on this stage
  7. Pal3580 ,

    Sorry to know that. I think they have high workload . Your application was received so it must be there. When you called they could not find it. I think you should not wait , instead call them again. Another thing you can submit webform on line to ask about status of your account. Best wishes. If you have completed 730 days and in all probability you have , that's why you applied , then in your case the decision eventually would be positive , your application will definitely be approved. There could be delay but not denial. Best wishes.
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  8. Thanx for ur reply but I didn't understand why they told me to wait another 30 day's to locate my application. Can I send a new application at this stage
  9. Hi Pal 3580 .I think you should in this forum start a new conversation on PRC renewal topic ( or PRC renewal timeline 2019 topic ) and address your question to these two very senior members : Leon and depenabill . You may also address me so that I am updated as well. Leon and depenabill are very knowledgeable and will reply you within 12 hours or so. They would give you v.good advice. Pls write full details of your case.

    I am not expert but I think you should not wait and call Immigration on the same phone number right away without giving reference of your previous phone conversation. Before that pl check status of your application on line.
    You may also submit a web form . Pls see this : http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/helpcentre/answer.asp?qnum=052&top=3
    Have you checked your application status on line ? If not , pl do so . If yes what status it's showing.
    Did you create a secure log on with cic to check progress of your application ? If not pl do so. If yes what's it showing .
    Also pl have a look again on the PRC Renewal application guide on the topic : What Next after mailing you application.
    How many days were you absent in the past 5 years counting backward from the date your application was received in Sydney Nova Scotia ?
    Hopefully you will get your PRC within a week or two if you had more than 730 days in Canada in preceding 5 years. Best wishes.
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  10. Thanx for ur suggestions, will start new thread
  11. Hi Pal 3580 ,
    Any update. If you started a new thread , can you pl share the link . So that I am also educated more on this topic. Thanks and best wishes.
  12. Hi Guys. I'm joining in finally after a 2 year wait! ( and a little extra to try and stop delays!)

    I saw on my tracking number my application was delivered and signed for today!

    I'm hoping they get it on it quick and get going! :) Trying to remain positive throughout this process!
  14. Hi angeinex 10 ,
    Can you please share what happened after you received their message on April 8. For example did the local office call you on some specific date ? Thank you and best wishes.

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