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PRC (Permanent Resident Card) Renewal Timeline 2019

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by immigrant7, Feb 1, 2019.

  1. Hi all,
    Starting this new thread to have the PRC application updates of those who had submitted the application in 2019. You can share, update, get informed about the application timelines and processing progress.

    We had a great experience with the similar thread we had for 2018 (https://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/threads/permanent-resident-renewal-timeline-2018.557445/) . I believe, the 2018 thread is a good reference for the timelines and the processing exception cases.

    All the best to the 2019 PRC Renewal applicants.
  2. Me and my husband both got a decision made today. Here is the timeline for applications:

    1. We received your application for a permanent resident card on January 7, 2019.
    2. We sent you correspondence acknowledging receipt of your application(s) on January 31, 2019.
    3. We started processing your application on January 31, 2019.
    Good luck to everyone
  3. Hi @Ssra,
    Congrats to both you and husband.
    That was so quick :) ...
    Was this an Urgent application ?
  4. Hi @immigrant7, Thanks :)

    No, these were not urgent applications. I just hope it is good news.
  5. Seems like not too many people are submitting their application around the holidays. It's surprising, I thought my own would be very delayed as the offices would probably be closed often. Our was received on Dec 13th and we had the new one Jan 24th, the latest timeline from Ssra make it look like they got it down to under a month, impressive.
  6. Yeah! @eblend looks like if all the required forms and photos are sent in right format then it is really quick process. That’s a little thing people could be careful about, especially pics. It’s better to get them clicked by people who are specialized and have experience in clicking pics for PR card
  7. Mine was received by IRCC on dec 31 and hasn’t moved since. Kinda worried something is wrong now :(
  8. I just think, Ssra's was a lucky and special case :) ... Because , even the Urgent applications take that many days. So the normal would be more.
    And yes, though IRCC has speed up now to 58 days, Ssra's case was super speed.
  9. So today I got an email confirming receipt of application.

    They got it on Dec 31st.

    It’s annoying that it took that long to just say they’ve received it tbh

    After that, how long normally till they update status on eCAS???
  10. Congrats.
    ECAS update will be on next day. (As it is updated daily once.)
    But you can link your application your myCIC account. There you'd be able to see the application sooner.
  11. Thanks for the info!

    But darn! I sent an urgent application earlier this morning .

    I just couldn’t take the chance lol

  12. Also having issues linking the account. I don't think I got an application number... I do hope this will get solved soon...
  13. Hi all,
    I sent my application during holidays.
    I got an email on Monday Jan 28th CIC received my application on Dec 31st.
    I linked the account today and still is under review. Question the 58 days counts business only or weekends ?
  14. Hey CIC received mine on 31st of December as well. I got the email today that’s its been received. And I can’t seem to attach my account to it myCIC account. do they give an obvious application number? Lol pretty sure I’ve been giving the right info
  15. *I tried many times but finally I used the entry option Last name Surname and DOB.
    Your application number is on the email you received on top and starts with R plus 9 digits. Use of options I tried several times with UCI and always shows not received or found.

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