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PR Renewal Local Office 2019/2020


Nov 7, 2019
Hi Omarafa, thank you for sharing timeline, did you have RO issue to cause your case taking so long?
Yes. I did not meet the RO criteria. I am not sure if my new PR will be valid for 5 years or a shorter duration. I think I had a good case though since I am a medical resident who went to the US on a J visa and came back to Canada right when I finished training.


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Sep 19, 2019
I have contacted the MP for my son and daughter's application. He told me to sign the authorization form. When he emailed CIC, they told him that there is no urgent processing in these cases but they have added a note to the file. Did they tell you the same thing to your MP?


Sep 19, 2019
This is the first correspondence after 7 months of receiving my file & transferred to Montreal local office (if you have any recommendations that would be appreciated):

they request these points from me

A completed Questionnaire: Determination of permanent resident status (IMM 5511);

☒ Clear and legible photocopies of all pages (including blank pages) of all your valid and / or expired passports issued from 2014-08-14 to 2020-03-13, accompanied by an official translation of all entry and exit stamps as well as visas if they are written in a language other than French or English;

☒ Detailed list of your absences from Canada in the last five years (please indicate: from/to, number of days, your location during your absence and the reason for absence);

☒ Entry/exit registry issued by official authorities of your country of citizenship or from a country of residence, past or current;

☒ Federal and provincial notices of assessment;

☒ Employment statements / T4 slips;

☒ Leases, rental receipts and/or property deed;

☐ Proof of studies (school records), any training, volunteer work or other;

☐ Proof of studies (school records) of your children;

☐ Proof of your social activities (volunteering, etc.);

☒ Bank statements and credit statements confirming account details or your personal and/or joint accounts;

☒ Humanitarian and compassionate considerations:

· Any documentary evidence that demonstrates that your personal situation presents compelling humanitarian circumstances that would justify keeping your permanent resident status.

· A description of the extent of hardship that would result from losing your residency status for you, any family member, and the best interests of any child directly affected by the decision (if applicable).

· A description of why you were unable to meet the residency requirement.

Subsection 28(1) of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act describes the residency obligation that permanent residents must comply with. Paragraph 28(2)(a) further describes situations where permanent residents may comply with the residency obligation even though they were not physically present in Canada for at least 730 days in a five-year period, such as when they are:

· employed on a full-time basis by a Canadian business or in the federal public administration or the public service of a province;

· accompanying a permanent resident who is their spouse or common-law partner or, in the case of a child, their parent and who is employed on a full-time basis by a Canadian business or in the federal public administration or the public service of a province;

· accompanying a Canadian citizen who is their spouse or common-law partner or, in the case of a child, their parent.

If you were in one of these situations, please provide supporting documentary evidence

☒ Employment with a Canadian business, or the public service of Canada or of a province:

· proof of incorporation under the laws of Canada or a given province, if applicable (for example, articles of incorporation);
· description and Proof of Canadian Business in Canada: Activities, Services, Customer, Products, Number of Employees, Pay Statements and Status of All Employees;
· financial statements and annual reports of the company;
· description and proof of existence of the Canadian business / branch abroad (location, contact information, number of employees, operations, services, customers, products, activities and transactions);
· T2 and T4 summary forms from the Canada Revenue Agency, and GST returns;
· details of your business / professional relationship and employment with a foreign company other than the Canadian business mentioned above, if applicable;
· copies of foreign assignment contracts or agreements
§ Letter of declaration signed by an authorized officer of all Canadian companies that were your employers / contractors, specifying the position and title of the signatory and including the following information:
- if the business was created under federal and / or provincial law;

- the name and business name of the company;

- the nature of the business, the length of operation in Canada and the number of employees in Canada;

- details of the assignment or contract (duration, salary, weekly hours, pay statements, T4, etc.);

☐ Accompanying a permanent resident or Canadian citizen

The documents listed above that apply to your family member.
Proof that you accompanied the family member in question:
· Proof that you are accompanying a Canadian citizen who is your spouse or common law partner outside of Canada :

- Copy of all passports and travel documents (from Canada and all countries of citizenship) held by your spouse (you must provide a copy of all pages);

- proof of Canadian citizenship for your spouse or common-law partner

- Proof of address / family ties (lease, rental or mortgage documents. Birth certificate of your children (if applicable), marriage certificate, Family Records (Family booklet);

- Proof or employment or study outside of Canada for your spouse or common-law partner.

☒ Any other relevant document.