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PR "Inland" landing at CIC office / service canada

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by shibinp, Jan 9, 2014.

  1. what is your NOC bro? just curious
  2. Landing COPR not registered in CIC system.SIN number could not be issued due to this fact. 3rd week running, still COPR landing not registered.
  3. Dont worry, this happened with me as well. The reason I came to know in the 7th week was that my application was selected for an internal review (a random and normal CIC internal process, one a few applications get selected). It is because of this review, my data did not flow to any system outside of CIC's own system which their call centre agents also have access to. They told me that my application was selected for reivew and the review completed after 7 weeks and all of a sudden in the next 10 days I got my card and applied for SIN.
  4. Hi br85,

    What do you mean that you can land at the border?
    I'm waiting for my appointment letter from the CIC office here.. Are you saying that if i corss the border and come back in, I will not have to go through the appointment process from the local CIC office?

  5. CEC applicants can land at the border. Inland spousal applicants CANNOT. You must wait for your appointment.
  6. Hi Firewall

    I am in Montreal waiting for PR as QSW. Montreal CIC Office is an appointment only office and it will take a long time to wait for my landing appointment date.
    Do you think I can go to Ottawa CIC Office to do my landing there on a Tuesday?
    I suppose no. I wish I could.
  7. Hey Buddy, Can you share the Address & OR Contact # of this place in Ottawa where you dont need an appointment for landing ?
    Please share the details as I live in Toronto but can call ahead and confirm which day they will be accepting people for inland landing.
  8. Hi All ,

    I dont have a US VISA. So is there anything wrong if am going for border crossing (via Niagara) for my PR landing purpose ?
    Will it affect in future if am applying for a US Visa ?

    Awaiting for your advice

  9. You don't need US visa for PR landing purpose.
    Also it won't affect your US visa application in the future.

    My wife completed her landing at 11, April (without US visa). Two weeks later she applied for US visa and got approved.
  10. Hi Everyone,

    I need to activate my COPR before October 21st. I am currently living and working in Montreal and received PR for Ontario under CEC (MY COPR seems to specify Ottawa particularly). Can anyone advise me as to the best and least complicated way to activate my COPR? For example should I make an appointment at a CIC office to do this or is it better to wait until I'm re-entering Canada? If re-entering, is an airport better or a would a land crossing be better? Must the landing/crossing be into Ontario specifically? For example, I'm going on a business trip in August and will be landing back in Montreal. Could I do it then or would I need a flight landing in Ottawa? If the visa office is a better option, can it be in Montreal or must it be in the Ottawa office?

    The second part of my question is about what I need to complete the process be it by landing/crossing or the office appointment. I presume I need to have a address in Ottawa and proof of funds. But what are the best ways to prove these? Are there any other requisites I may need? I won't have a job as I will have to quit my job in Montreal in order to relocate to Ontario. I'll be arriving and having to start afresh but at least I'll be starting off as a resident proper.

    Thanks in advance and apologies if some of these questions are stupid or obvious. I thought I'd gotten over the hard part but there seems to be a few complications here!
  11. Is it so, if we dont appear for interview they cancel your PR? Are you sure?
  12. Really? NO APPOINTMENT required if you are residing at Ottawa? is it still available?
  13. Hi,
    Is there any specifications for the photographs??
  14. Hi Memg, did you do your landing in Ottawa? I am considering this option and in the same situation as you were.
  15. HI al, I need some help. I am trying to book an appointment to land as a PR.

    I am calling this number: 1-888-242-2100, but I have no clue which option to select, I can not hear one that says number # to book an appointment to land as a PR.

    Thanks and sorry for being dumb!

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