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PR "Inland" landing at CIC office / service canada

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by shibinp, Jan 9, 2014.

  1. I feel you. Just went through this quest today. You can pick either the branch that leads you to your application status (1-1-2-2), or the shorter one, about confirmation of your status (1-3-0). I've spent a day to finally get a human answer. Good luck!
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  2. Dear Friends
    Please let me know if you had to take any appointment for landing in Ottawa office of IRCC

    Also, does the walk in is allowed any days of week or specific

    Please help
  3. Friends

    Any information please
  4. hi all, i have done verification of my copr on ircc office, i still haven't received my pr card but i'm scheduled to leave canada soon, i just want to ask if i can still use the single entry immigrant visa stamped on my passport that i've received with my copr, since it is not yet expired. i know it should be used to land to canada for the first time but i've "landed" on ircc office instead, so i'm not sure if that visa is still valid. TYIA.
  5. I
    It's single entry, so only valid for 1 entry.

  6. Yes it's single entry but technically i haven't used it because i didn't leave canada and i didn't enter using the single entry visa, i did my landing in IRCC office. when I did my "landing" in IRCC office, they didn't stamp or do anything on my single entry visa that's why i'm not sure if landing in IRCC office makes that single entry visa invalid.
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    The process is just like coming in through the border. It's on their system already.

  8. That's just what I need to know. Thanks for the reply. BTW, I would've understood even in lowercase.
  9. Today I got the CoPR and landing visa. I called CIC to make an appointment to land in their Montreal office. The guy over the phone told me that in Montreal you dont need an appointment. You can go anytime in their office from Monday to friday between 7.30am - 4.30pm. I am just wondering is it always like that in Montreal office or recently they have changed the rules? Please share your ideas.
  10. Hello friend,

    Can you please update me that if you went to the Montreal office for the landing process? How did it go?

    Thank you so much.
  11. CEC (Canadian Experience Class) - Inland
    • June 03 2019 - PPR EMAIL (19 days on my processing time) - 6:29pm - Ready for Visa / Prêt pour Visa
    • June 04 2019 - Sent documents to Ottawa
    • June 07 2019 - Documents arrived in Ottawa
    • Waiting for approval......
    • Waiting for Tracking.....
    • Waiting for PP..............
    • Landing........................
    • PR Card.......................
  12. Hi, anyone from british columbia surrey? How long did it takes to get an appointment, i booked thru agent and just said i'm going to receive a feedback for more than 30 days! That's too long! I am leaving canada in few months too. Can anyone give their updated timeline in inland appointment interview please. Thanks
  13. Hii guys
    1 quick question for all
    I got my passport and COPR I need to do landing . Is it mandatory to landing together (husband and wife) as we both are In Canada and flagpoling is good option for me as border are full of traffic. So I have USA Visa and my wife doesn’t
    So can I do landing first and later on for my wife ,
    If it is possible then what’s the procedure to landing for wife ?
    Please do reply and thank you kindly

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