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PR "Inland" landing at CIC office / service canada

Discussion in 'Canadian Experience Class' started by shibinp, Jan 9, 2014.

  1. hello,

    Has anyone done Inland landing at any CIC office or service Canada? Is it possible? if so please share your experience / details.

    I never knew that we have such option until now, my friend told me that it is possible and one of his friend had done the same at service canada.

  2. Hi

    1. Your friend is partially wrong. You can't "land" at a Service Canada office, but you can make an appointment to "land" at an Inland Immigration Office, by phoning the call centre to make an appointment.
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  3. thanks PMM,

    is there any real difference/dis-advantage in doing "inland" landing and normal landing (border cross), why many people choose to go to nearest border and comeback instead of doing an "inland" landing? any idea..

  4. Doing it at an office can take months to get an appointment - I've seen upwards of 4 months.
    Going to the border is quicker and on your own time
  5. Hi shibinp,

    I did my landing in CIC Office, Etobicoke.
    It took close to 4 weeks to get the appointment.

    The only disadvantage is, if you dont appear for the interview, it will be considered as you are not intrested for PR, so they may cancel your PR.
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  6. thanks br85, lpc19800

    in my case, I feel it is OK to wait up to 4 months or so as we have 1 year PR visa. And it is good to know that br85 got appointment in 4 weeks. So I may try this.

    @br85: can you please tell me what documents you have carried, what they have asked etc.? was it fast or are they asking many questions etc.

    thanks for your help
  7. They dont ask any document other than COPR and your Passport.
    Also, you need to take 2 Photos for PR card.
    I carried my recent Employment Letter, Bank Statements and T4/CRA.

    They will be asking the basic ques like,
    Date of Landing
    First Time Landing
    Your Address.
    Then 3 basic ques in COPR like
    "Have you Ever..." - ans (No) ques types(it will be in COPR)

    Imp: Do not miss the appointment date.
    Also, You can do your landing in the border even though you have scheduled for an appointment later.
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  8. Thats good to know
  9. I'd share my info, just in case someone may be reading this in the future:

    As many of you already know, if you're in Canada on a valid permit, you can land by visiting a CIC office near your place, i.e. you don't need to leave the country, or flagpole. To do so, call CIC call center 1-888-242-2100 and make an appointment. If you're like me in the Ottawa region, you don't need to make an appointment. They have dedicated hours for this purpose. It's two Tuesdays in each month (the Tuesdays with odd dates, for example Jan 27, Feb 3, Feb 17, etc.) from 10am-12pm, and 1pm-3pm.

    Documents required:
    Confirmation of PR (CPR)
    2 photo for PR Card

    You may be asked:
    Proof of status (work/study permit)
    Proof of RPRF payment
    Proof of resident address
    Bank statement

    Cheers and good luck to all!
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  10. Hello Everyone

    Can I make an appointment in advance? For example, you got PPR and exact after one month book an appointment. Lets say If your passport hasn't arrived, change the date
    Can we do this or not?
  11. Hi I did my inland landing at Etobicoke on Dec 3rd. you will get most of your answers here on this post:

    but as far as the disadvantages are concerned, in my case, my eCAS status has not even changed to completed since the time I have landed. It is stuck at " Decision Made". I also have not been able to update my SIN since then because service canada can not see my details even if I take my CoPR with me. I have tried 3 times at Service Canada to update my SIN but everytime I get the same answer that they can't see my details in their system and advice me to wait till I get my PR card.There is some inconsitency in CIC system because others who had visited the CIC on the same day as I did for landing got their SIN updated in next week and also are able to see their status updated on eCAS. Other than this, I cant comment on any other disadvantage unless I dont receive my Card now but, this disconnect between their process and eCAS is not good and killing me. :(
  12. Charlie why don't you visit the Landing Office again and tell the problem , I guess it might be helpful and you can say I am PR officially but cant update the SIN .
  13. Yes Gurinder bro, will do that but CIC helpline told me to wait till end January. Also they say, this is not unusual, even though some people get their data flowing in to Service Canada and other systems.
    by the way, did you get your cards? I know some people at my work place who did their landings (at border) a day prior to ours got their cards.
  14. In e-cas it shows complete bro , Will update once it arrives.
  15. Good, thanks Gurindar.

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