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PR applicants from Iran

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by Mr_nobody, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. Yeah, NA happens the same time that the officer checked your ADR and made decision based on that (which is usually sending the case to SS). You are also in SS and I agree with you, don't expect anything for the next 4- 5 months. But don't worry about it, time flies quickly and you will get it :)
  2. Great. Congratulation :) enjoy your time after waitig for a long time.
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  3. My additional document status is still we are reviewing your additional document. Does it mean that they have not started my SS yet??
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  4. No, actually for some people it changes to NA and for others to "WE are reviewing ....." I still don't know what is the difference between them
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  5. I suggest to order CBSA notes as soonest, it comes normally faster than GCMS, has less redaction and it has a date of your security screening which should be around Aug 21 based on your timeline and it says when is a due date for officer. SS should take around 5 months after that. good luck
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  6. my guess on this is, it will go NA when they assess your ADR internally and happy with it and no more ADR needed for time being, then they can send it for extra screening or not.
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  7. Got the COPR email 8th of October. my AOR was 14th of November 2018.
    Good luck everyone.
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  8. Congratulations and Thank you for sharing your timeline.
    Did you receive your ppr or COPR? Can you also share the time that you received ppr?
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  9. Thanks @Mr_nobody for your kind support here. I want to share the good news that I got PPR recently. I will update my signature soon.
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  10. Mind still says we are reviewing even after application being approved and COPR being issued !
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  11. Actually mine changed to NA during the weekend, a few hours after I submitted the ADRs.o_O
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  12. Thanks! Yeah I guess I should oder CBSA notes...
    Strange thing is that my ADRs started so late comparing to other applicants with AORs in Nov or Dec 2018.
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  13. Hi,

    My PPR was 25th of September, COPR 8th of October.
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  14. Hi, Congrats are you based in the US? would you kindly share when your passport reached CIC?
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  15. Hello and congratulations. Great to hear you received your ppr and wish you a smooth landing :)
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