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PR applicants from Iran

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by Mr_nobody, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. hahaha. Finally I got it :D :D :D
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  2. Ma bishtar Agha Soheil
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  3. Can anyone who is In canada and has study permit visa, apply for my brother's gcms note???
  4. this is not a good practice as note will reveal some PII (personal identifiable information) among other things that you may not need to be shared to random stranger, if you need to go with this via proxy, make sure you go with someone that you truly trust.
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  5. Hi

    We trust him, he is our friend, I want to know if he can do this with study permit visa??
    Or we need someone who is PR or Citizen??
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  6. anyone with valid status like work permit, study permit,PR, .. and resides in Canada can order GSMC note on someone's behalf subject to have a signed consent form and pay the fees.
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  7. Thank you @Mr_nobody. Of course, feel free to share it with others.

    BTW, Is there a benefit to link the PR card with my application? although we were told the PR card arrives in 6 weeks after landing but the CIC processing time shows it takes 15 days. Does it become 15 days by linking the profile to PR card? Because they said we do not have to request for PR card and it will be automatically issued.
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  8. Yes, you don't have to do anything for pr card application. They will initiate the application automatically for you.
    However, you can link your pr card application to you account to see its progress. Sometimes, they don't accept pics and send ADR for new pics. If you link your application, you can monitor these updates easily.
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  9. Hey everyone,

    So excited to find an Iranian forum here:)
    Many thanks to the person who has initiated this.

    I have just received my IELTS score and thankfully I got 8. I have filled my EE profile step-by-step but not sure if I have done everything precisely.

    I have three main questions:

    1. Do I need to have my degree assessment ready before I submit my EE form? Or it is ok to apply for degree assessment at the same time? I have heard that it is better to have all your documents ready before submitting the form. The documents which they will be needed if your name is out of pool and the applicant is asked to provide.

    2. What should I do for proof of fund? Do I need to open an account in Iran under my own name?

    3. In general is there any specific step I should take before submitting the Express Entry form? And is there any kind and generous person who is experienced in this regard and can kindly review my form before I submit it so I can make sure I have done no mistake.

    I would be so so so thankful if anyone can answer any of these questions.

    Hope I can be a help to someone as I get more informed regarding this process.
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  10. Hello and Welcome to this forum,
    1- you need to have your uni degree assessed first before applying for EE, this is long process and you better to start now
    2- Open bank in Iran under your name and put the necessary amount, many banks can issue an english letter to your selected currency with stamp and hologram and that could suffice the purpose.
    3-meanwhile read about the police certificate requirement and follow it to the letter, make sure you have the proper paper ready for work experience and again follow that to the letter. you should not rely on random stranger to look at your profile as you are sharing lots of personal info, have trusted second eye and triple check everything before submission or get trusted legal help.
    lots of wisdom written in this forum so spend time to dig inside:)
    good luck!
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  11. I think @ms-nobody answered all your questions completely. I am just going to add a little bit more.
    Generally, they require several documents from you. Given that we are Iranian, I recommend having all the documents ready ASAP, especially because of sanctions. e.g. I heard that DHL is limiting their service for Iran. So, it is going to take a long time for you to send you credential abroad for assessment.
    The docs that I recommend you looking into are:
    1- ECA
    2- Police Certificate and its translation
    3- PoF
    4- Job experience letter
    5- medical (you need to have upfront medical for your EE application, but at the same time you don't want to do it so early, because it might expire in the middle of the process. It is not a big deal, but they may ask you to redo the medical again, which is going to cost another 300$)
    6- Look into biometry. For biometry, you need to submit your EE first, but plan for it ahead of time. Which country (Turkey, etc.) what doc they need.
    I can't remember if there is anything else. You can check the required docs online and follow it.
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  12. Thanks a million for your response....
  13. Hey guys,

    Just a quick question.
    I got my Master’s degree from an American university. Do I need to assess this degree or I can just upload the certificate?

    Also do I need to have it assessed before I submit my EE form or I can claim that I have a Master’s degree and will be asked for WES assessment when my name is drawn?

    Many thanks,

  14. Which american university? Is it a well-known one so that they know which degree your education is equivalent for? E.g. if you have a masters from Harvard, there is no need to have it assessed.

    Technically, you don't need any documents for the profile submission. for profile submission, everything is just your claim. After your name is drawn, you need to upload all your documents. However, as we told you in previous responses, the problem is that preparing these documents might take several month. So, if you leave everything for after your name is drawn, you may face some issue with the time.
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  15. Hi guys,

    It's been over 40 days since I ordered the GCMS notes but haven't received them yet. Any experience in following-up your never-received notes and receiving them? Any recent SS news/updates from applicants with AOR in late 2018?

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