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PR applicants from Iran

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by Mr_nobody, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. Hello Friends,

    Starting thread for applicants from Iran who may or may not have been sent for security screening- please join for discussion and knowledge sharing.

    Recently CIC has started a new wave of sending applicants from Iran to security screening. Signs: ADR such as CV/resume, SCH A., or details of military service. So, I decided to create this forum here to share our info together. I know most of you probably would rather have a telegram group, however, I thought here is a better place since we can share our status in our signature which helps us being able to track people with similar situation.

    Please either share your info or your immitracker case in your signature so everyone knows which stage of application you are at, especially the dates of your ADR’s and what they asked you in ADR. Please also share your timeline once you joined the forum.

    Thank you very much
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  2. Hi Mr_nobody

    Great idea! Thanks!
    Do you mind to share your application info in your signature? :)
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  3. Hi, what a great idea!

    FSW outland
    AOR 17 July 2018
    Meds passed in August
    Background check started in October
    ADR in November and docs were uploaded within 2 days. We were asked for my CV and I also had to complete a "students form" in addition to another form about my husband's military service details.

    Waiting since then.
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  4. Wait a sec, I am adding to my signature to make a template :)
  5. Hi all,
    The details are in my signature
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  6. guys, I have a question for you:

    When the status of "review of additional documents" change? I submitted the docs this morning, but the status has not changed yet. It is still: "we need additional documents...."
  7. I think ours changed after a few hours.
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  8. Mine took a week. Got a ghost update and then changed to Not applicable
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  9. Can you please add your details to your signature. This way it is easier to know where you are at in your application.
    Thank you
  10. Sure
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  11. What docs were you asked for?
  12. CV/resume
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  13. IS the status of your additional documents Not Applicable or "We are reviewing your additional documents ..."?
  14. @arash2002 How about yours?
  15. "we are reviewing the additional documents you provided"
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