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PR applicants from Iran

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by Mr_nobody, Jan 11, 2019.

  1. you can email them and check why they haven't issued yet. If the email didn't work, order a new one.
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  2. I did order the note 63 days ago and I have not received it yet.
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  3. This is pretty normal now days, mine took over two months, i found ordering CBSA note is faster and it takes about month.
    I am DEC 18 AOR and in SS for over 5 months now and no news rather than I have expired medical now!
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  4. it seems CIC not sending ghost update on major changes like before, i did not receive a ghost update when my medical get expired when it happens in my profile, nor got ghost update for my medical that got extended today!
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  5. It seems you are very close to receive your ppr. My guess is that you will receive it by the end of next week. SS takes 4-5 months these days for most of applicants.
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  6. Thanks everybody for your responses.

    @ms-nobody, thanks for your reply. My AOR is 27 Dec and I don't know when they started my SS since haven't received the notes yet. I see in your signature that you received the ADR requests in March and the SS started in April. With such timeline, my SS probably has started in Sep and there is still 4-5 months to go :confused:. Maybe I should order the CBSA notes as well.o_O
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  7. How do you know your medical got extended today?
    to be honest, I still haven't figured out how this remed and extension works. So, from what I have seen on these threads, there are two situations for the medical. 1- For some people, it expires exactly on the expiry date of the medical and then gets extended automatically till later date. For these cases, extension does not show anything special and it is just a routine process (I am not sure if people get ghost updates for these automatic extensions). 2- For some people, they get remed or extension as part of their fianl review. For these people, remed or extension is a sign that their case is completed (e.g SS is done) and they are under the final review before the ppr.
    Now, which one do you think applies to you?
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  8. I just noticed your timeline, you have a big selection of ADR, maybe it could be a world record :D :D :D
    Have you received a ghost update after your third ADR? If so, that is the date that your SS started ( I think it is the same date as the time your status changed to NA)
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  9. @Mr_nobody i got my PPR today :) total 282 days and as your stalker I recall you got yours in 280 range:)
    my med expired on 18 SEP 19, and stayed in that status and without a ghost update changed to passed on 7 October and PPR 9 Oct.
    now I have to do the photo routine and question to you is did you use Canada post to submit your passport or use UPS or similar, i know they only send it back by Canada post.
    also could you do forum a favour and put some details for steps after PPR when you have time with expected time, (your fault as your detailed signature is no longer there :):)
    I could not reach to this stage without you buddy and I really mean it, this forum was a god sent and my sincere thanks to you for your constant support.
  10. @StarWar2018 , you were right Master Yoda:) i got my PPR today, your comment was very encouraging and i got it when i need some. thanks
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  11. Congratulations! So happy for you. Enjoy these moments. You don't have to worry about it anymore :) :) :)

    Yeah, Your name is the same as me, your number of days is the same as me. It seems that the hands of the fate wants to do something :D

    Actually, my timeline got too long, as I added some links to it. So, I decided to keep only the link of the useful information there.

    Sure, I will post a detailed response for post PPR stuff. Hope I can remember all the details.

    N problem my dear friend and thank you for contributing to the fun that we have in this forum. I can't remember if I did anything specific, but I am happy that I could help :))))
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    Post PPR/landing interview – What to do?

    After you receive PPR, everything is almost done, however, notice that you are not considered as a PR until you do the landing. Sending photos, verifying them, landing, etc. are part of the process of PR. After you do the landing, you will finally be considered as PR. Steps after PPR: (If you received landing interview, you are lucky, you can jump to Step 3

    1- You need to take 2 photo ids (if you are in North America, the cheapest place is Costco), write your name behind it and ask them to seal the photos and put the date behind it. There is also a form in the email for your address. Fill it, and send it alongside the passport and photos. If you are in Canada, use Canada post, and choose the option that allows you to track the parcel.

    2- After CIC received your passport, it takes a couple of weeks for them to stamp your visa on the passport and send your COPR to you. In that time, you will see another update and your status will change to “Approved”. Please note that it takes a couple of days for them to send the documents back to you. So, don’t be worried if you saw your return tracker is not activated.

    3- After receiving COPR, you need to do landing. If you are an outland, you will do the landing in the first time that you enter the Canada. There is an immigration custom in all international airports. Please note that you need to the landing in the first airport that you enter Canada (Toronto, Calgary, and Montreal). If you have connecting flights, you need to do the landing before your connecting flight. If you are an inland, you can do either inland landing or you can go to a border. If you want to do the inland landing, you need to raise a CSE and request for an appointment for inland landing. For those who choose to go the border, this link has a detailed experience from a person who did that
    If you received landing interview, you are lucky. You can simply prepare the documents in previous steps and go to your appointment.

    4- So, congratulations! After landing, you are finally considerd PR of Canada and you can go ahead and withdraw BOWP if you have applied.

    5- You don’t have to apply for PR card. They will apply for it and will send it to you. However, you can link the PR application to your account to monitor it. Sometimes, they don’t accept the photos, and linking the application to your account will help you find out about it faster. You can find instruction how to link your PR card application here:

    6- You can follow this thread to find out about the live processing time of PR card

    7- Finally, you will receive your PR card and that is the last step of your application. Congratulations for PR and for your Patience. Good luck with other stages of your life :)
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  13. thanks a lot for such swift and detailed response:)
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  14. Congrats! Great news.:)
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  15. Yup! Hope it doesn't take years for them to analyze these ADRs.:rolleyes:

    Well, I didn't notice any ghost update (status change to updated) but the status of ADR was changed to NA within one day or two after the last submission. If that's the starting point, I probably won't hear from them till Feb/March 2020.
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