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Track your PR card timeline and processing times here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by ntwkengg, Jan 22, 2016.

  1. Hi all,

    please add your timeline for pr card when you applied and if you already got your pr card recently in 2016 then please add your timeline here so everyone will get some idea as how much time it will take.

    Right now processing increased to 100 days.
    last week it was 90 days.
    and last to last week it was 87 and before that 78 days.

    so dont know why they are taking so long to print a card as all validation and all checks were already done and our application is already approved.

    may be they have more number of applications or due to refugee people they are getting delayed.

    avg processing time is 6-8 weeks which was normal.

    thanks all.
  2. i did my landing on 13th jan 2016. so looks like i should get it in april.
  3. Thanks for starting this.

    Here is my timeline:

    AOR: Aug 4
    PPR: Dec24
    Landing: Jan14

    The current new PR card processing time is 100 days. I booked ticket to go back to home country on May 6th, I am a bit worried.
  4. At the landing, I was told to expect card at home in 8 -10 weeks.
    Obviously, there is a huge delay in new PR card printing now.
  5. great so our timeline is almost identical.

    i have travel plans to home. but i m not taking a risk to book a ticket. i have plan to leave in april or if not then atleast in may.

    lets see how it goes.

    i saw 2 people in one thread they did landing in october 2015 and still waiting for their card.... looks scary and same long wait as getting ppr....
  6. i was told 2 months but thats just a word which doent matter.... looks like they broke one of their printing machine :p :p
  7. i feel like the whole team is on vacation.
    On every week's update, they simply add 7-10 days to the processing time, which means none of the cards are issued at all.
  8. yes true. also looks like most of them left this forum after getting ppr. so we cant track exact timeline as we dont have enough data for each month.
  9. Yea. I hope more of us can join to share the PR card timeline.
  10. I hope the processing time can go down once they start on issuing cards
  11. PPR 24th decemeber
    Landed 16th january.

    Sure I will get PR card by April 2016.
  12. landed last October. Currently on day 85 waiting for the card :)
  13. Is there any way to check PR card status somewhere ???


  14. thank you for adding..... :)

  15. ecas is not working..... so i dont think any other way.

    purplesnow and indian5911 pls try selecting pr card in client application status and then check ecas if it works for you. for me it didnt work.

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