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Track your PR card timeline and processing times here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by ntwkengg, Jan 22, 2016.

  1. buddy give them a call.... they may give you more detail as your date is already due.
  2. its not gone over. Doesn't matter what the processing time given at the point of landing is. I was told 45 days when I landed. What matters is the processing time online. Unless you go over that time since the date you landed, then you're not gone over. And since they keep increasing it, its just adding time.
  3. I was told by call center rep that my pr card status shows processing and I could expect my PR card somewhere in mid FEB.

    PPR: OCT 26
    Landing : OCT 29
    PR card : Still waiting

  4. thanks champ let us know when you get it. :)
  5. my friend got his PR card today. He landed beginning of October (I don't know when exactly)
  6. Hi All,

    I landed today but didn't see any signature in my COPR from the officer. He just took my signature. Is this fine? Do anyone in same boat?
  7. Hi,

    I haven't got PR yet. But I want to know how do you apply for PR card.

    Do you apply on port of entry or somewhere else?

    Is PR card mandatory to join job? Can't we show stamp on Passport along with PR card application document?

  8. You can apply PR card during Landing procedure at border or port of entry, the officer will let you Sign on Confirmation of permanent resident. Once you landing completed you only bring that COPR to service Canada to apply new sin then you will be able to apply any job or study in Canada.
  9. Hi,

    I landed on Nov 02 last year, still await for PRC.

  10. Joining this thread! Landed on January 17th. Hope to be getting it in April. :)
  11. thanks for joining....

  12. thanks for sharing meya... we rely on your good news as you landed in nov.
    so it should be your turn now. let us know when you get it.

  13. thanks for sharing aika....

  14. i will check my copr today and will let you know tomorrow.

    also they should stamp your passport with an entry date and sign.
  15. Hi all,

    Landed 09 Dec 15 - reckon it should be here by mid March 16
    Wondering if we can add our dates in a public google sheet etc so that we can can track and see the progress

    Does this one work as a working copy (until someone can automate n bling it up)


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