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Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by ntwkengg, Jan 22, 2016.

  1. I tried calling but no answer , please can you try from your side , I see you are from inland so you can reach easily man thanks
  2. they gave me a formal reply that it wil take 105 days + 2 weeks mailing time.

    so if someone already passed this time please call so we will get more info.
  3. Did he open your file and checked the data or he just gave this answer

    There is many status for PR like in process , in production , sent ?
  4. she just sked my landing date and as it was in this year in jan. she just counted that my pr card will be ready on april 27th according to 105 days. nothing else. aqnd i told its increasing every week so i am not getting any clear idea.

    she told yes it is increasing.... plain reply.
  5. Thanks man appreciate you support and help please keep us updated with any news

    Hope that we all get the PR by april
  6. Is he an inland applicant (from inside canada)? Did they request new photos from him?
  7. inland. new photos?
  8. My timeline is below,,
    I landed on Nov 14th, No PR card yet :(
  9. Try to call them today , and they will inform you when it will be delivered

    People till 20/10 had recived
  10. YES, I mean new photos. Did they request it?
  11. hi wifedoctor good to see you here. ;D
  12. yes everyone who applied before Dec plz try to call them so that we can get some idea.
  13. why they will request new photo???
  14. I did my landing yesterday by flag poling at Rainbow bridge. The officer told me that it would be 3-6months. Although, she did mention that she was telling me the upper limit and I might get it sooner.

    My timeline:
    ITA: July 17, 2015
    AOR: August 30, 2015
    Additional info requested (CELPIP): September 8, 2015
    Got PPR email confirmation: Jan 13, 2016
    Sent Passport: Jan 19, 2016
    Passport delivered: Jan 20, 2016
    Application approved and closed on CIC website: Jan 29, 2016
    Passport returned from Ottawa on: Feb 03, 2016
    Became PR at: Niagara Falls, ON (3322)
    Became PR on: Feb 03, 2016
    Waiting period my PR card: 3-6months
  15. First week of November started getting there cards

    Please update if any one from November got the card

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