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Track your PR card timeline and processing times here

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by ntwkengg, Jan 22, 2016.

  1. processing times changed to 73 days..... :D :D :D

    anyone from oct and nov who got their card plz update here.....
  2. I think the printing machine started working back again :p But this is keeps us on the edge at all the times.
  3. yep they did the required maintenance to their machine in sydney :p :p....

    may be they were lack of labour and some guy who recently became PR joined them to fix their machine :p :p :p

    anyways good for us...

    but still i will say wait for next update on processing times.

    if its working well it will come down to 50-60 days eventually. ;D ;D
  4. meh, I landed in October and am still waiting. Day 99 now. Don't hold your breath!
  5. call them as you already passed 73 days
  6. How do you know its 73 days - the CIC website still shows as 105 days
    Am I missing something?
  7. Couple hours early it was 73 days na CIC website. Now It's change to 105 days once again...
  8. the processing time is 103 days plus 4 to 6 weeks postal transit time.. i called the cic and confirmed ... if u landed in october by feb end u will get pr card
  9. Not over 105 though so no point. Basically, it's gonna be at least 4 months for the cards. Stop worrying about it till you go over the processing time.
  10. 105 days is getting a little ridiculous.

    I am FSW Inland with AOR Sept 11. Haven't received PPR yet, but typically fsw inlanders have to wait the longest.

    I have a trip booked and paid for to Barcelona on June 1st, so when I eventually get PPR I am just going to apply for urgent processing of my PR card and hopefully it gets to me in time :\

    Either that or raise a CSE about it with proof of travel itinerary and receipt
  11. How idiot proof is the landing procedure?

    I am planning to land by mid March in Toronto and was thinking things ahead. So if any of you cool people know of any threads about Landing procedure, tips and precautions please link it here. I will do my research in there.

  12. Have replied on the thread you started :)
  13. I landed in Nov and received PR card few days back
  14. Think you are one of the lucky ones! Some people on here have been waiting since October.
  15. The day I got processing time changed to 73 days with the date updated as feb 3 or 4th. Now it has gone back to 105 days showing updates 27 jan. It is quiet weird. Hopefully next week they will update properly. Cic is worse than govt. Offices in india :)

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