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Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by gibda, Jun 29, 2015.

  1. Permanent resident umm.?
  2. Hello All,
    I just got PR in Oct 2017 and now I am traveling to INDIA without PR card. can anyone tell me what documents are required in PR travel documents?/
  3. I send application Imm5257&Imm5645
  4. me and my husband recent;y got our landing at Canadian/USA border but we have travel plans and we can't get pr card by end of January. I learned that I need PR card or PRTD to come back to Canada. However, my husband was in Canada only since July 2017 so it won't make 750 days. Will that be a problem? although he does have a job here, Driving license and Sin number. What should I do now? Any suggestions? Also, i am not currently working so no job letter for myself.
  5. If you only landed in 2017 you have plenty of time to meet your residency requirement of living in Canada for 2 years out of 5 years. In order to get back into Canada without PR cards you either have to apply for a PRTD in the country you are visiting which will take around 2 weeks or you can fly to the US and enter by a land border using your COPR. If you are going to the US by car you will be fine with your COPR.
  6. Also If you have just landed and applied for OHIP (if you live in Ontario) you are not allowed to be out of the country for 30 days of the first 6 months.
  7. I went to border yesterday only then realized i need visa to go to India i already had plans om 25 January. And i am in Alberta . So can i leave and can i enter with PRTD.
  8. My husband landed in july 2017 till.now its 6 months i am confused how can he complete 2 years till January 2018.

  9. As I explained before he has 5 years from his landing date to meet his residency requirement of living in Canada for 2 year out of 5 years.

  10. Very confused. Do you need a visa or a PRTD? You will need a PRTD to re-enter Canada if you don't have your PR card. You will have to apply for the PRTD in India. I will take approximately a week but there could always be delays. Will you be in India long enough to be able to apply. You should apply as soon as you get to India.
  11. Yeah i will go on 28 january and come back on 5 march.
    I applied for pr card yesterday at border
    So need PRTD to re enter.
    Is that safe ?? Will that effect my pr if they reject my PRTD ??
    Do i need to apply separate applications for both of us or one as for PR it was one me as primary applicant and husband as dependant
  12. Ok sp he will have to compete 2 year from january 2018 till january 2022 ? Is that what u mean

  13. Is his landing date July 2017 or January 2018? Landing date is when he got his PR. Which ever one it is he has 5 years from that date to stay in Canada for 730 days.
  14. The first time he landed was 27 july but he got pr landing january 2018. So we can travel abroad before we complete 730 days right sorry i just wants to clarify

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