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Moving stuff from UAE to Canada

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by chilkootcee, Aug 22, 2016.

  1. I would discourage moving large items unless they were very expensive. The shipping costs will be very high. Less expensive to sell and repurchase in Canada. That is what most people do unless their company provides some shipping for free if they are relocating.
  2. Hi ,
    Me too looking for sharing cargo as me too planning to send my stuff to Canada.
    please feel free to contact me .
  3. Surely not everything inexpensive large items can be repurchase in Canada. Despite the high shipping cost, I still encourage people to do so regardless whether they pay shipping out of their pockets,
  4. Was your move successful? My wife and I are moving from Dubai and need any recommendations on moving companies.
    I received 3 recommendation.....Allied/Pickfords (very expensive), Leader (haven't heard back from them) and a 3rd, but they only do large shipments.

    We are only sending boxes, no furniture. Any recommendation for moving/shipping companies for sea cargo would be great.

    Many thanks. Walter
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  5. Ruby Cargo
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  6. Hi There,
    I am planning to move to Toronto in May'18 and just wanted to check which Moving Company did you book? Along with that, is this your first landing or have you already been to Canada and got your 'Goods to Follow' document signed?
    I too am looking for a recommendation

    Ankur Sharma
  7. Hey,
    Yes, You can easily transport your luggage with safely & on time from Dubai to Uk. But before that, you have to select the best freight forwarding service, provider. I have recently taken parcel service from Darkblueshipping.com. They are offering quality service at an affordable price.
    Thank you
  8. hello experts,

    any recommendation for a good cargo/mover company from UAE?
  9. @atzquebec
    can you pls share your experience with Ruby Cargo?do they provide good service?
  10. I didn’t use their service at the end. But they were her communicative, and addressed all queries.
  11. @atzquebec , which cargo company did you use?
  12. can you share which cargo company did you use and your experience with them?
  13. can you share which cargo company did you use and your experience with them?
  14. @hanin 142.

    can you pls share which cargo company you use and what is your experience.
  15. We are also interested to know as leaving AlAin in April. Heading to Eastern Canada. Think we might get a container. So far have had contact with Crown Movers. They haven't given us a quote yet. We would be interested in sharing space if time frame suits.

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