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Moving stuff from UAE to Canada

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by chilkootcee, Aug 22, 2016.

  1. @Paulapictou
    we are moving on the 3rd quarter this year. container sharing will not be ideal not unless your are living to each other since shipping company will only consider one address. you can use groupage where different shipper will be combine in one container but shipping company will handle it as a separate shipments.

    try gac, iss, ruby cargo, elite shipping for the quotation.
  2. I just sent a shipment through Elite Shipping and it was great... the first phase of sending only - yet to see the delivery on the other end by next month.
    Davis from Elite was super helpful and the quote they gave was better than others. I would recommend them from UAE side.
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  3. Hi,

    can you share the contact number of Mr. Davis. Also it will helpful if you can share how much they charged?.

    Thanks in Advance.

    Harpal singh

  4. Davis
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  5. Need to ship a number of boxes from Abu Dhabi to Toronto, can anyone recommend a company they used (shipment was received at destination), thanks in advance.
  6. Hello, I just wanted to inquire if Elite Shipping delivered your items right to your door in Canada or did you have to pick up the delivery elsewhere?
  7. Hi mjanani!

    Can you pls share the freight forwarder name?

    Do you know how much is the cost for a 20 foot container to Toronto?
  8. Hi Paulapictou,

    Did you end up using Crown Movers? How much is the cost for a 20 foot container to Toronto?

  9. Thanks for this info! Very helpful
  10. Hi jfbyap, i just called Davis of Elite Cargo, he offered door to door delivery. Feel free to call him.
  11. Hi we are planning on taking a few boxes to Canada in two months and if you know of any good cargo companies in Dubai and contact person let me know please.
  12. Door delivery.. However you have to go to the airport for custom clearance personally
  13. hello Guys,
    i am in contact with Davis and can confirm he is a very good guy , cooperative and their prices are very competitive.
    i am planning to ship my goods to Calgary via Vancouver around mid-March and would like to see if someone is interested in sharing a container with me, these guys need to fill the container before arranging the shipment , so it would help to associate our efforts in making it happen faster.


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