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Moving stuff from UAE to Canada

Discussion in 'Settlement Issues' started by chilkootcee, Aug 22, 2016.

  1. Hi all,

    We're planning our move to Canada after a successful PR application and just wondering if any others out there who moved from the UAE to Canada can share their experiences. Ideally we'd like to end up in Calgary but it will someone dependent on finding work etc.

    Is it worth exporting / importing our car from the UAE into Canada?

    What kind of moving costs can we expect if we want to move furniture from a 1 bedroom appt? (we might decide to sell)

    We won't be able to move back in a few suitcases...will have to ship stuff regardless....and we won't need the items right away in Canada (so it can go via sea container, etc)..

    Any advice and tips are greatly appreciated!!

  2. I don't think you can import your car to Canada from UAE unless the car was originated from USA or Canada.

    You would need to shop around and find out how much the moving cost.
  3. Depends on how much stuff it's going to occupy in a container. LCL can be cheaper if you have less stuff, but they tend to have more local and destination charges. FCL are a fixed rates with less other charges.

    You might want to measure all the major items(L X W X H) and calculate the cbm. Then ask a logistics company to give you a quote based on approx weight and cbm. And also get a quote for FCL. All being door to door.
  4. I guess we need to decide whether or not to ship our furniture....we bought it so cheap here I'm not sure if we could replace it as cheaply in Canada even with the shipping costs.

    Thanks for the replies :)

  5. Hi ,
    You have an option to send your things in Sea Cargo which is much cheaper. We will be landing in
    Toronto in September from Dubai and we have sent our household items through Sea Cargo. They charge you per Cubic meter,
    As far as furnitures are concerned we have disposed them here in Dubai . In case you need any further clarification , please
    feel free to ask.
  6. I think we'll likely leave the car here (sell or transfer ownership to someone else). We may decide to take some furniture (but likely not)...but will still need to ship some things. it definitely won't fill a seacan but partial for sure (and by sea is the only option we would consider as the things are not time sensitive). if you can send me some of the details for your shipping by sea (company, price for volume / weight) that would be great. With regards to disposing of furniture....dubizzle :)

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  7. How much did you pay for the whole shipping thing ? And what's your cbm ?
  8. we have sent it by Sea Cargo @ 1250 AED per Cubic meter. minimum 3 Cubic meter to be booked. Cars we sold it in Auto Village.Furnitures through reference.As far as Cubic meter is concerned we need not worry about the weight. Each Cubic meter will accomodate 6 standard size boxes supplied by cargo company.we are planning to bring our furnitures ( Teak wood) from India at a later stage.
  9. this is very useful, i am moving from Abu Dhabi to New Brunswick. kindly share company's contact details.
  10. You can bring everything you have with you to Canada; some at no tax cost. (Car, Furniture...etc) Go to Nextstopcanada.ca ; Register and ask them this question. They will provide you with all the forms and procedures you need to do to complete this process. The information service is free. I would answer your question here but I can not provide you with the direct links to the forms and information, because of this site's restrictions.
  11. Are you sure about cars?
  12. Yes I am. Why would you think that you can't?
  13. Go to Canada Border Services Agency, and search for Importing a Motor Vehicle into Canada. You will find a video that Explains it all. And as a new immigrant to Canada you may not have to pay certain taxes.
  14. Because the car is from UAE! As said in the below website, most vehicles offered for sale in foreign countries other than the United States cannot be imported into Canada.


    Do you know USA and UAE are different?
  15. The video did not explain whether or not vehicles offered for sale in foreign countries other than the US can be imported into Canada. You should read the above link before you post.

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