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Montreal Visa Office ... Let's connect here.

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by cansha, Aug 1, 2018.

  1. You're the third case from April on this thread with similar status. I'm wondering why this is the case.
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  2. Looking at cases from April and May still stuck at the same stage I think we June AOR people have no hope of progress at Montreal. This is insane.
  3. Yes indeed! I wish we had more references to try and compare. I have no idea why it would take this long for just eligibility!
  4. Yeah I need more cases where someone got PPR from Montreal. We have some 7-8 cases here all stuck at same stage. Yes sample size is small but 8 cases isn't that small to be just a coincidence. I hope @Rijo02 and @smcan2014 hear from them soon. They are almost above 4 month mark now.
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  5. Just for benefit of all Montreal visa office candidates. I could find two users who had files processed in Montreal visa office and received PPR. Both are from March AOR.

    @rajanshah176 timeline as per his posts is

    Single Applicant - FSW-O
    CRS - 475
    ITA - Dec 6th
    AOR - Mar 1
    MEP/IP1 - Mar 8
    IP2 - May 4th
    PPR - Jul 25
    As per one of his posts on June 11 his eligibility was still under review when he called IRCC.

    @shrey01 post on his PPR.
    My office was Montreal as well. AoR March 1. FSW-O from USA. It took me 100 days to get the PPR.

    So it seems like Montreal keeps everyone in eligibility review but may still process the application in about one month if they start working on it.
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  6. Know of another case for Montreal VO.
    AOR : Feb 28th (FSW - O from USA)
    PPR: sometime last week after almost 5.5 months....
    Till the last minute her application was in IP1.. Then it changed to IP2 and same day evening she got PPR.
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  7. Ok so may be our assumption is correct. Montreal takes 6 months processing time a little too literally. It's surprising though they are taking so much time for US based applicants as well. Anyways thanks for this information.
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  8. Happy atleast to know the time frame is around 6months for FSW - O US based applicants.

    Or even they would take around 100 days then it would be September for all of us here. May be we can expect something by then.
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  9. Now I feel better knowing that it can take them 6 months to process (also I don't need to log in everyday now). It seems that a lot of US based applicants' cases are sent to this office.
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  10. Yes. Unfortunately looks like mostly US based applicants and just a few of them. Yes, it is relieving to know that our application will get processed in 6 months :)
  11. Guys as I mentioned before, I am in Canada while my wife is in India. I received PPR but only for my wife today... Is this normal? Will they send another PPR for me or should I consider that itself as my PPR too? I am the primary applicant
  12. I have never heard such a case. May be contact IRCC. What is your timeline again?
  13. Mine is in Montreal too, they asked me to wait till Sep end which will be 6 months.
  14. Thanks for your update. Ah the 6 month timeline...
  15. I read somewhere in the April AOR thread that your AOR is April 26. If so, then I think your 6 months processing time should be in Oct 23. Please can you clarify as my AOR is also April 26.


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