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Montreal Visa Office ... Let's connect here.

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by cansha, Aug 1, 2018.

  1. Hi All,

    Is your application being processed at Montreal Visa office. Let's connect here. I read somewhere on forum that earlier most US / Canada cases were processed in Ottawa but now are being processed at Sydney and Montreal too.
    Montreal seems like a new one so let's help each other to see progress at this visa center.

    My timeline

    AOR - 19 Jun 2018
    MEP - 04 Jul 2018
    IP1 - 04 July 2018

    Current status as per CIC agent. Eligibility Review pending (or needed not sure) and Background check not started.
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    Hey @cansha - I called CIC a week or two ago and found out that my application was getting processed in Montreal. My timeline is a part of my signature. When i called them, i was told that my eligibility was still in process/ not completed and Background check including Criminality has not started and would start only when Eligibility is complete.
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  3. Montreal is hopeless. My AOR is 04/25 and it is just recently that they started working on my eligibility. I called them on 06/27 and was informed that eligibility is ongoing.
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  4. Yeah I have searched the forum and from what I saw was for Montreal average seems to be 90-100 days. It may be biased as most people don't find out their visa offices. But seems like in Montreal people from June are in eligibility review stage. From what I can see they are currently giving PPRs to April candidates.
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    How did you find out that they are issuing PPRs to April candidates? When I had called them on 06/02 they said my eligibility had not started and soon after on 06/20 I got a request for RPRF fees. Last time I spoke to them on 06/31, they said eligibility is still ongoing. At this rate I don't see myself getting PPR before October.
  6. Just random search on forums for Montreal office. I saw someone mentioning they got PPR in 100 days. It was in Mar AOR thread and then someone in April mentioning the same thing and receiving it in end of july. If we assume that 90 days thing is true it makes sense. Based on that you're correct June guys may get processed by Sep end / Oct first week.
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  7. My AOR is 25th April, not June :). I don't think I will get PPR request before October. Do you have any updates @Rijo02
  8. Yeah Montreal visa office seems to be lagging a lot. I know our views may be biased. Let's see if someone from Montreal office has a better timeline. And let's hope we get some progress soon. Have you ordered GCMS notes?
  9. Yes, I did. My notes have a generation date of 06/16 and per my notes eligibility had not started, just the completeness check was done.
  10. Oh .. that is a very worrying situation. If they have not even started working on April ones I'm quite worried. But it's more than 1.5 months since your notes generation. I hope and pray it is progressing since then and you soon get PPR.
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  11. @smcan2014 Have you applied from the US as well ?
  12. Thanks! RPRF request is a positive in that they at least touched my application.
  13. Yes. How about you?
  14. Same here. My AOR is June 10. I called them a week or two ago and the agent said my eligibility has not been completed. Now i feel i should have asked if they have even started it or not. I'm going to be ordering GCMS soon.
  15. Think mine is an exception, you should be fine.

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