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Montreal Visa Office ... Let's connect here.

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by cansha, Aug 1, 2018.

  1. Yeah I will order around 25 August.
  2. One more Montreal office candidate reporting here :(
    AOR-June14 | IP1-JUne28. I called CIC on July 20th and that time my eligibility was "Recommended Passed". I called again on August 13th, and I was told that my eligibility was "In Progress". Whats going on!!
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  3. No one knows! I understand when people say that every case is different and it takes different time for everyone. And it is true that even in Ottawa considered the fastest of all processing centers many people received PPR in less than a month whereas for some it took 4-5 months.

    But I'm not able to understand why is that Montreal is stuck at Eligibility stage. We have 5 cases on this thread and in all of those eligibility has not been confirmed yet. They have not even moved to the BG stage. I know 5 is a small sample but still it is quite worrisome for me.

    I hope someone has a positive experience to share from Montreal. But I'm yet to see one!
  4. Hi,
    AOR: Feb 21st
    Medical Passed: March 7
    IP2: 8th July
    I called CIC yesterday; they are still reviewing my eligibility. :(
    Has anyone gotten the PPR from Montreal recently?
  5. How can you be in IP2 if your eligibility isn’t done yet?
  6. Hi All,

    AOR - Jun 1st
    Medicals - Jun 13th
    IP1 - Jun 13th
    No update after Jun 13th. Application is being processed from Montreal office.
    Called IRCC twice and same status - eligibility is Recommended pass and BG check has not yet started.
    Ordering GCMS today.
  7. Well, my BG status has changed into "We are processing your BG, we will let you know if we need any documents" from "Your BG check has not started yet".
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  8. That’s good and strange! When I called them yesterday, I was told that BGC won’t start without eligibility being done.
  9. Montreal really does a deep dive into the eligibility process :(. They are so thorough that when they reach the end of file they forget what they had checked first and start all over again.
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  10. That’s actually funny but I feel worried about how things are going on in Montreal office. How is it that they are stuck at eligibility for so many people? And checking for eligibility even after ip2 is quite weird.
  11. I was told the same. This case is quite weird. One way of looking at may be somehow agents are not seeing progress from Montreal office and hence every one seems stuck at the early stage. Is that a possibility.
  12. I strongly believe @Arpatel91 has passed eligibility and that's why the status shows IP2. Information disclosed by agents vary and it depends on how friendly the agent is and this can be corroborated by @strikeharsh. More than one time he had agents giving him totally contradictory information.
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  13. Hey! Just curious, after how many days gap did you call them for the second time ?
  14. Seems like Montreal takes 6 months a little too seriously and literally. Based on the cases at least on this thread it seems like 6 months may be a norm for them. If @arpatel gets PPR by 21st August we can at least know that they process applications with 6 month timeline as target.
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  15. I called them, with a gap of 10 days I guess, as I forgot ask my processing office, so had to call twice.

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