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Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by cansha, Aug 1, 2018.

  1. So far I know 4 cases in Montreal office with same issue of Eligibility check not done. In other offices at least they do eligibility check in 2 months
  2. Is there anyone who has received PPR from Montreal office. Please share your timeline.
  3. Nothing much of an update. I received my GCMS notes and the last update was in May 02. I felts very ill treated reading those notes.
  4. Menh!!! My notes have a generated date of July 12 and its just R10 that was deemed to be ok. Funny enough, my RCMP was marked for review. Its funny as the reported clearly said no criminality was associated with this person, yet the officer said review required.

    The GCMS notes ruined my day!!!
  5. They had review required for my LOE :D
  6. Sorry :( That sounds awful. Hopefully there will be a progress in your application soon.
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    Nothing on eligibility??:eek::eek::eek: But, I bet they are working on it now. My GCMS notes had a generation date of 18th June and like you for me they had just completed R10 till then. But then within a month of notes generation I got RPRF request which probably means they started working on my application after the notes were generated and a month from the notes generation date they were either done with my eligibility or were about to be done with my eligibility. So, keep your hopes high, I am sure they have progressed a lot on your application in the last 30 days.
  8. Yes I hope they are progressing on your cases. I wanted to order GCMS notes. Reading your and @Rijo02 's experience I will hold off for another two weeks before I order them.
  9. Review required for LOE. That's the first time I have heard that. If you don't mind could you share what was the LOE about?
  10. I can only hope so. But like you remember, asking for RPRF does not guarantee anything. The agents at the call center said they can request for it at anytime. Even someone whom they requested he pay the RPRF was later denied (Crazy isn't it?). You even said that you called CIC sometime later and they still said your eligibility have not started. Even mine, I thought maybe something has happened since the generated date of the GCMS (July 12). So I called CIC the same day I received the GCMS (August 10) and the agent confirmed that nothing has been updated. Although he said my eligibility have started, I don't think I believe him. Anyways, I can only keep my hopes high!!!
  11. My LOE was quite big, probably that's why he got tired of reading through it and deposed it to the senior officer. :p
  12. Ha ha ha. I hope not. Mine is some 2-3 pages as well. I'm just praying for all of us to hear some good news from Montreal office.
  13. When did you last call them?
  14. I had called them on August 1. At that time the agent told me we have checked whether we have all documents. I'm guessing that's document completeness or R10 test. For eligibility she told me eligibility has not been done yet. At that point I didn't know that eligibility is recommended pass and then it's approved. So I did not ask her at what stage exactly was my eligibility. But your case and Rioj2 case makes me feel it's probably similar where they may have not done anything. My AOR is June 19.
  15. If you are thinking about ordering notes, I would recommend you to wait for some more time. This is not just based on my or Rijo's experience but on the experience and recommendation's of other forum members.
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