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March - 2018 Citizenship Applicants

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by dare2dream, Feb 22, 2018.

  2. Added! Good Luck.
  3. Hello Admin,
    Please add my case to the tracker.
    Location: Toronto, ON
    # of applicants: 1
    Application Sent: March 9th
    Total Physical presence days: 1247

    Thank you for your help keeping the tracker updated. I wish all the best to all Canadian Citizenship Applicants.
  4. Added! Good Luck.
  5. Thanks ! :)
  6. Hi guys i have few questions
    1. Question no 9 B : it asks did u have temporary resident status during your eligibility period. so my eligibility period is 2013-03-08 to 2018-03-08.
    i got my permanent resident status on July 6, 2014. so before that i was on open work permit (may 2012- may 2015) after my studies in 2012. so am i falls under worker category or temporary resident permit holder.
    pls let me know about above question as i need to fill out detail about status

    Question 9 c : During your eligibility period did u live outside of Canada.
    Yes i left Canada for 26 days in 2014. So do i need to fill out CIT 0177. ???

    Question 15 : As per language evidence concerned i studied in Canada for 2 years, if i m not wrong i just can submit my college transcript . correct me if i am wrong.
  7. Hi admin,
    Please add me to the March spreadsheet 2018.

    User name: IZQFRE
    Location: Quebec City
    No of applicants: 1
    Application sent: March 06, 2018
    Application Delivered: March 09, 2018
    Physical presence: 1,114 days
    signed by: D Macdonald
    Thank you
  8. Kindly add me to the spreadsheet please....

    ID: Walera
    Location: Edmonton, AB.
    App type: Family (3)
    Physical Presence: 1,355 days
    App Sent: March 05, 2018
    App Delivered: March 08, 2018
  9. Some of these questions have been answered recently on the forum; the search function can help you find those answers.

    re: 9b: You say here you had a work permit, i.e. you had a temporary resident status, so the answer would be yes, and then you'd need to enter the appropriate dates and descriptor in the table. The guide at https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/application/application-forms-guides/guide-0002-application-canadian-citizenship-under-subsection-5-1-adults-18-years-older.html may help you.

    re: 9c: Did you leave for a vacation (or family visit) or did you leave to go reside elsewhere? Vacation is not what they are talking about in this question. (If you did move elsewhere for 26 days: complete form CIT0177 by entering "N/A" in both categories, sign and date it. Add a note saying you were not a crown servant, but completed the CIT0177 for completeness sake).

    re: 15: If you completed the college program (i.e. you earned a diploma/certificate/...) you can use the transcript. If you did not complete the program then this may not be considered sufficient proof.
  10. Question 9B : You will have to tick "yes" under this. They are not asking details about whether it was study or work in this question. In Q10 & 11, you will have to fill details but only covering your eligibility period. So from 2013-03-08, if you were on Open work permit; mention that in Q11. Also mention your work address if you were working or home address if you were unemployed.
    Question 9 C : It depends on for what purpose you left Canada in 2014. If it is only visiting friends and family and you still maintained your home in Canada then should not count as living outside Canada. If it is as crown servant then you have to fill CIT0177. If not crown servant then there are two options, don't fill CIT0177 and just attach explanation letter with your actual reason of going out of Canada. Or fill CIT0177 and mention that it is not applicable because I was not crown servant. Tick "yes" if you were actually living (and not visiting) outside Canada for 26 days.
    Question 15 : Yes you can submit degree certificate or transcript. If it is from Canada then it's better. You don't have to prove that language of instruction was English.
  11. Added! Good luck.
  12. Hi all,

    My application was received yesterday at Sydney. What next, can I start tracking my app status from now on ! Please attach a link for checking the application status. Roughly how long does it take for the whole process to conclude ! I live in Mississauga and its a family package that I sent.

  13. 26 days of vacation outside is not considered as living outside Canada. Answer 'No' to question 9 c

    You would have anyhow declared 26 days as abscence in Physical presence calculator
  14. You mean the envelope arrived there yesterday?

    You will now have to wait for IRCC in Sydney to review your application, to make sure it is complete. This takes a while (it's common for that to take 40-50 days, but be aware that it can take longer). Once that step has been completed you will receive an email (assuming you entered one on your application form), which is the "acknowledgement of receipt" (AOR).

    About 24-48h after you receive that email you will be able to check your application status online, at https://services3.cic.gc.ca/ecas/introduction.do?app=ecas

    Assuming all goes well: after the AOR is completed your file will be sent to the local office.
    Once they start processing your file the status will change to "In Process". You will not get a notification for this, but can see it in the online system.
    The local office will send you an invitation for the test and interview. Once that is complete and the background checks are done the status will change to "decision made", and a while later you'll receive an invitation to a citizenship ceremony.
    Those invitations can be sent by either letter or email, depending on your local office. They will not use both, though. Keep an eye on your spam folder, as sometimes their mails end up there.

    Note that at any time up until "decision made" IRCC can request additional information, in which case you'll see an entry in the online system telling you that a letter has been sent outlining what you're to provide.

    IRCC doesn't commit to anything more specific than that they aim to complete the whole process within 12 months (for something like 80 or 90% of applications). People on the forum keep track of processing times using a spreadsheet, so you can have a look at that to find out how long it tends to take for people in Mississauga to reach each of those steps.
  15. My application was delivered today so could someone help me update it on the spreadsheet? Thanks and much appreciated! Have a great weekend everyone! ^^!!

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