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March - 2018 Citizenship Applicants

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by dare2dream, Feb 22, 2018.

  1. I will apply very soon.
  2. Hello,
    I am doing calcuation on days.
    I used to visit states only for dinner / shopping. Most of the time i returned same day or sometimes late night 2:00 AM

    I do not remember the dates. Any sugsestion.
    Border is just 10 minuets from my home.
  3. Visit I-94 webpage to check your travel history.
  4. Please add me to the sheet

    User name: wpg93
    Location: Winnipeg
    No of applicants: Single
    Application sent: March 01, 2018
    Application received: March 05, 2018
    Physical presence: 1098 days

    Thank you and good luck.
  5. Hi,
    App sent: Feb. 28
    Received by CPC Sydney: March 05
    No. of applicants: 1
    Days of physical presence: 1575
    Location: Alberta

    You can add me in spread sheet. I will keep posting when I receive any update from CIC. Thank You & Good Luck everyone!
  6. Where in Alberta are you?
  7. Thanks to the helpful information on this forum i was able to submit my application today! :)

    if it will be helpful to others please add me to the tracking sheet,

    Single application
    Sent March 5th from Ottawa (expected to be delivered March 8th)
    physical presence 1,409
  8. Hi All,

    I am going to apply in March 2018. I have a question regarding identity document. I have only my valid passport, pr card and COPR as my identity document. Are these sufficient? I dont have a driving license or health card as i am currently living in US with my canadian citizen husband.
  9. Please refer to following link from IRCC website.

    Applicants residing outside Canada may not be able to provide Canadian identity documents. Applicants can provide foreign identity documents that are equivalent to Canadian identity documents, such as a passport or government-issued identification documents.
  11. Hi dare2dream

    Thanks a lot for your reply...i have seen the link that you posted. My question is if my indian passport and pr card and copr are sufficient or not? Really confused right now
  12. Edmonton
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    Hello everyone!

    Please add me to the sheet..

    User name: Model_citizen
    Location: Waterloo, ON
    No of applicants: Family (2)
    Application sent: March 01, 2018
    Application received: March 06, 2018
    Physical presence: 1224 days

    Anyone in this group submitted expired IELTS as language proof (original was submitted for PR processing)...? Just asking...some say they ask for originals during interview..i dont have it.. I do plan to carry other proof (but they were not submitted with the application)...Anyone on same boat as me? :):):)
  14. Please add me to the sheet

    User name: dare2dream
    Location: Calgary
    No of applicants: Family (4)
    Application sent: March 05, 2018
    Application received: March 07, 2018
    Physical presence: 1200 days

    Thank you
  15. Added, good luck :)
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