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March - 2018 Citizenship Applicants

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by dare2dream, Feb 22, 2018.

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    Dear citizenship applicants, I am creating this thread to gather all the citizenship applicants who are planning to send their application in the month of March-2018. Please share your experience for citizenship application and provide guidance.

    Any feedback in this regard would be highly appreciated.
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  3. For citizenship photographs, Costco or Walmart? any suggestions?
  4. no big difference from service perspective; costco is cheaper
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  5. My question is regarding Living Address.
    The situation is as follows:
    My Residential address is in GTA and I work in a place which is almost 200 km away from my residence. As a result, I stay in a hotel near my workplace during the workdays and I comeback to GTA at weekends and stay the whole weekends and again go back to workplace. This is what I have been continuing for the last one year. Now, my question is: what should be my Living Address? Is it my residence in GTA where my family lives or the address of the hotel at my workplace?
  6. I believe following can be done in this situation.
    (1) Attach an explanation letter with your application and mention your home address in GTA where your family resides. This way you are declaring your exact situation. If needed they will ask for more clarification.
    (2) Will the processing office change if you give your home address or work hotel address?
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  8. Yes, processing office will definitely be changed.
    How about if I put overlapping time meaning if I write two addresses in two consecutive rows having the same time frame but different addresses?
  9. mtoaha, that is a creative idea. But I am not sure if CIC will like it. Simplest thing is to put one address where your full family is residing and attach an explanation letter with your work hotel address. Option-2 is put work hotel address for you and GTA address for your family members, but as you said processing office might change and your file and your family file might be in different offices, which seems complicated. In any case don't forget to attach explanation letter for your work situation.
  10. Spreadsheet is empty so far. please contribute : )

    I'm waiting for time.. probably will apply in end of March or early April.
  11. Hello All,

    I sent all my documents yesterday with FED EX.

    Will arrived at Sydney's office by tomorrow

    Please add me to the list


    Time Spent in Canada for the past 5 Years : 1101
  12. Added! So the entry can be complete, where in Canada are you, and are you a single or family applicant?
  13. Montreal-Quebec
    single applicant
  14. Nice to have here :) I am applying on March 20th :) so will be following up this March thread :) Good luck everyone!!! Cheers!
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