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March - 2018 Citizenship Applicants

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by dare2dream, Feb 22, 2018.

  1. Hi plz add me in the list I have been living in Calgary since 21 Nov 2014 on PR. Family members :4 Total no of days:1196 No of days out side Canada : 0 Application sent to CPC on March 7 ’
  2. Hello everyone
    please add into spreadsheet
    Application sent - 26-feb-2018
    Application received - 01 march- 2018
    Physical presence days - 1646.50
    Single applicant
  3. Hi guys, I am preparing to send my package and was wondering one question. I am applying alone, so I am paying for the "
    Adult (18 and over) Processing fee ($530) and right of citizenship fee ($100)" only? Or I need to include the "Citizenship certificate" as well (which is 75$ additional)? Thanks!
  4. For Adults (18 and over), select $630 fees as you are applying for Citizenship Grant. As of now "citizenship certificate" is not applicable.
  5. thanks for the response, one more question - can the fees be paid 10 days before package to be sent? Or the fees payment need to be done on the day of the signed all forms?
  6. another question appeared is:

    Can the application "Completed Use of a Representative form (IMM 5476)" be excluded from the package if I am not using the representative at all?
  7. I believe that fees payment should be BEFORE you send your documents. There is no reason to pay fees so much in advance.
  8. Yes, no need to fill representative form if u r not using the representative.
  9. ok, thank you, buddy!
  10. awesome, thanks again :)
  11. and important thing : don't forget to attach fee receipt with your documents. Good Luck.
  12. :) thanks man, you too good luck!!!
  13. Please provide more details:

    App type: Family/single?
    Physical Presence: ?? days
    App Sent on:
    App Delivered on:
  14. Added .. Good luck!
  15. what's your location?

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