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March - 2018 Citizenship Applicants

Discussion in 'Citizenship' started by dare2dream, Feb 22, 2018.

  1. Hi guys, my info can be updated for the following: App delivered March 09, 2018. (Still waiting on the AOR though)
  2. Updated
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  3. Hello All!

    I have been living in Canada since august 2014. In august of this year (2018), I will be 4 years.
    I want to know if I am eligible to apply to citizeship. But I do not understand what does this phrase mean?

    "1095 days during the five years right before the date you sign your application"

    Do I have to wait until 2019 or can I apply now? I have more than 1095 days but it is less than 5 years since I arrived to Canada.

    Thank you
  4. Yes, if you already stayed 1095 days in Canada (on a PR status) during the last 5 years (even if you were not living in Canada in year 5 or even 4), you meet the residency requirements. If you meet the other requirements as well (like tax filing), you are eligible to apply immediately.
  5. Hi,
    Please add into the spreadsheet
    Application sent - 09- March-2018
    Application received - 12- March- 2018
    Physical presence days - 1143
    I am a single applicant
  6. What's your location?
  7. Halifax Nova Scotia
  8. Added. Good luck!
  9. User name: ece24544
    Location: Brampton
    No of applicants: 2
    Application sent: March 12, 2018
    Application received: TBD
    Physical presence: 1103 days

    Thank you and good luck to all........
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  10. Added, Good luck!
  11. Hello Everyone,
    Username : pdhillon
    I sent my citizenship application on March 06, 2018 & it got delivered on March 09, 2018 @ Sydney from Winnipeg.
    Single Applicant - 1142.5 days in Canada
    Application Received : D Macdonald

    Kindly add in Spreadsheet.

  12. Added!
  13. Hi plz add me in spreadsheet. Application sent :March 7th , 2018. Application delivered:March 12th , 2018. Physical presence days:1196. Moved to Canada :Nov 21 , 2014. Out from Canada : 0 days. Family persons in application :4
  14. Already added you from your previous post. I just updated the delivery date now
  15. Friends, did any of you get a confirmation from CIC that your application has received ?

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