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India PCC from SFO

Discussion in 'Express Entry / Expression of Interest' started by varshausa, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. How did you know that your case was registered on 3rd jan ? is there any online tracking system
  2. There is no tracking system. You can email ( misc.sf@mea.gov.in) them to know when your case was registered.
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  3. Finally it was picked on 30th Jan and was delivered on 31st.
    It reached my city on 30th Night itself, it was showing will be delivered in 1st Feb (as my return label was with 2 day delivery) but I called Fedex requested them to deliver and they did :)
    One more thing PCC was signed on 21st Jan, as per email from Consulate it was sent from their end on 22nd. So either they signed or forgot to hand over to Fedex or Fedex never picked, whatever the reason we were in panic mode for a week. I believe it was Consulate as I can see lot of people got their PCC in meantime including me.
  4. I know :p (now)
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  5. Posting some details around my PCC below for reference:
    • Submitted in person at SF Consulate
    • Submission date: 01/11/2019
    • Got notified that PCC is ready for pickup: 02/05/2019
    • Documents (note these are what I submitted):
      • Filled misc2 form. You need to mention the country for which you need the PCC
      • Filled Personal Particulars Form (ppertpro)
      • I got 1 cashier check for $27
      • Copy of my passport's id pages (they verified against my original passport and returned the original one)
    My wife submitted hers over mail. They called to ask for the country that we need the PCC for as she did not write that on the misc2 form. I will post here when she gets her PCC back.
  6. At last you received it. That's good, but seriously its a pain and stress to get things from SFO consulate.
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  7. hi all, I received the PCC today and it says that there is no adverse information in respect of holder for the period she stayed in India, which will render her ineligible for the grant of travel facilities including a visa for Canada. Does it mean mine is rejected? plz help
  8. thanks for the clarification
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  9. Hi, you can get documents notarized from any UPS store, if you are a AAA customer you can get it done from there as well.
  10. Can someone update on how much time it is taking to get PCC from SFO? I applied at end of May and still waiting for return envelope to show up at Fedex
  11. Wait for at least 4 weeks, it took 3 weeks fir me and 4 weeks for my wife.
  12. It has been almost 5 weeks now and there is no update on fedex tracking number. I sent out an email but I got no response. I called multiple times between 2pm-4:30pm (as said on the call) but no one picks the phone.

    Does anyone have an idea what timeframe we are looking at?
  13. Hello folks, I am about to mail my documents to the SFO consulate to get my PCC done. My passport was issued by SFO consulate last year. What's the current timeline for getting the PCC if the passport was issued by a consulate in the US? Does it still take 5 weeks?
  14. I finally got my PCC in mail on Fri 7/12 and I had submitted at end of May. So roughly 40-45 days total.
  15. hello ,
    I am in India for summer vacation but the indian RPO says that i have to be present in India at the time of police verification and also they will not give my PCC to any of my family member on my behalf. So I have to wait for me to get back to USA and then apply for the PCC in SF. What is the current processing time of them issuing the PCC? what would you suggest me to do in this situation ? my deadline is Septemebr 10.

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