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How to apply for PR under NEW Caregiver Program

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by 02020202, Nov 29, 2014.

  1. You need police clearance for ALL countries you have lived in for more than 6months. There is no leaving it off the list. Its actually one of the documents requested on the checklist!
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  2. U r right dear.. i did from other countries but i had querry for canada..thank you for your answer..:)
  3. This is a huge slap in the face. They came in with this program to replay the old system! Now they are saying its a pilot program? These people really take caregivers for a fools they need to stop this foolishness
  4. Hi, I will also be applying for PR on May 20 under Caring for children class (new pathway). So I’ve been here in Canada for 3 years and 3 months now. I got my police clearance in UAE but they just sent me the certificate by email only. Would that be just okay submitting the print out only and not the original copy? I applied for the police clearance by the way last January and it says valid for 3 months only. Whereas on the immigration website it says it is considered valid for one year from the date of issue. Would that also be alright? And lastly I also would like to know if I still need to apply Police Clearance here in Canada at RCMP? I hope someone will enlighten me about my querries. Good luck to all of us!

  5. You need original copies for police checks and you don't need a police clearance from Canada. Also if the date on the police certificate is less than a year old then you're all good
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  6. You don't need a police check for Canada- my friend just got approved her pr for Canada and only included police checks from the countries she had lived in prior to moving to Canada (for 6 months plus)
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  7. You can only apply for open work permit (aka bridge work permit) only after PR application is submitted already
  8. Hello all,
    I received an email stating that my application is now complete and CIC kitchener will contact me for an interview. It's been a week now and no email yet. Any clue how long it takes? Thanks
  9. Hello, just wondering what did you apply? Nurses psws or caring for children? And how long does it take to be completed?
  10. High Medical needs.
    Application received Mar 26
    Passed Eligibility Apr 2
    Application Completed Apr 9 awaiting for interview
    I'm an RPN
  11. Wow that’s so fast. I’m also an RPN. By the way do you have any dependent? I’m going to sponsor my husband so I’m worried if that’s gonna slow down the process.
  12. Single application. If you have everything in place it should be fine. Max time to process is 2 months
    Did you apply already?
  13. Folks from kitchener/Ontario please share your timeline and give us some heads up on how long kitchener office will get back?
  14. I haven’t. I’m going to apply it in mid July when I reach my 2 years full time experience. My work permit is going to expire in August 31, so I really want to get it done or at least get file number very soon so I apply for bridge open work permit. Thank you very much and please keep updated about timeline
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