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How to apply for PR under NEW Caregiver Program

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by 02020202, Nov 29, 2014.

  1. Hey guys, what did you use for "proof of licensing" for nurses aka CNO? Can I use the page of "find a nurse" and print that?
  2. hello there,
    my application for high medical needs has returned today and it mentioned in high light-personal history for some duration is missing, i checked and i will correct it
    but also it has 3 pages and all other instruction like, check instruction guideline and eligibility and many other things.
    so my question is that it is regular 3 pages letter that everybody gets when application returned? or it is only for me and ask me to check eligibility? as i know i m eligible for this program.
    can anybody please answer me
  3. Hello there, Can somebody help me? I want to apply in New pathway, but my problem is I don’t have any certificate or diploma since I didn’t finished my studies, I’d been in college only for 2 1/2 years, I am not sure if I can send incomplete degrees’ documents for assessment, I am too confused, because I once read in another forum that ECA cannot give points in to incomplete degree, But in my case I don’t need any points all I want is to know what is my credentials equivalent into Canadian education. Thank you
  4. Hello there! I am working under the LIC program and apparently in an implied status (I’m still waiting for my work permit extension). I am planning to apply for PR under HMN class probably next month. Aside from ECA, IELTS and upfront medicals, what are the other important papers that I can prepare while waiting for my permit. I mean I’m just making sure I am not missing any documents that will cause delay of my application. I have 5 dependents back home. Should I let them have their medicals yet or just wait until the CIC will send us requests later. I hope some of you who had successfully accomplished the process and now a PR can give me some piece of advice and tips I gladly appreciate it. Have a great day!
  5. Hi
    Canada post says CIC signed and received my application this Monday and today (Friday) I haven't received any email from CIC. So what you said, "received application" is that means Canada post indicated "delivered" or CIC emailed you that they received it?
  6. Hello everybody! Please I need some advise, I want to apply in New pathway, I almost have all of the required requirements except for the 1 yr Canadian post secondary, I don’t have a completed degree back home And I understand that ECA will never assess incomplete degree , but I took 6 months Healthcare aide program inside Canada, if ever I’ll take another 6 months program it will be equivalent to 1 yr post secondary? Since the program will be until next year I think there is no possible way that I can enroll and finish d 1 year program before November 2019. Please help
  7. I have heard of people who assessed their incomplete studies and got their PR, but I guess it depends on the official who is going to look at your case.
  8. Did anyone apply to PR with a spouse in Canada? My husband is in Canada as a student, on the Generic Form they ask for the UCI of the spouse, I know that when they are not here we should use our UCI. Should I put down his or mine? Thank you
  9. Thank you very much for the response
  10. Hi, im preparing to apply for permanent residence under caring for children. but when i checked my lmia record it says noc 6474. I got the lmia year 2016. is it okay to apply under the new pathway and in schedule 15, shall i put noc 6474 or noc 4411. thank you.
  11. My timeline under caring for children

    31st July - application sent
    7th Aug- application delivered as per Canada post
    10th Aug- AOR from cic
    14th Aug- received email saying application is complete.
    23rd Aug- received an interview date (31st Aug)

    All over it was a quick process :)
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  12. Hey guys
    Here’s my timeline under caring for people for high medical needs (I’m a nurse)
    I have my common law partner (my boyfriend) as my dependent
    July 23 Canada post shows delivered
    Aug 3 CIC shows they received
    Aug 4 Pass eligibility
    Aug 22 application complete
    Original landing interview Aug 25, they sent through mail instead of email, I didn’t check my mailbox so I missed it
    Reschedule landing interview Sept 6
    It’s very fast, hopefully this will help you guys
  13. Hi,

    Just want to ask about Police clearance. Did you guys submit police check or the one with fingerprinting from RCMP in your application.
  14. Hey guys,

    Is there any chance of the application being denied after receiving the eligibility letter?

    Thank you!

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