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How to apply for PR under NEW Caregiver Program

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by 02020202, Nov 29, 2014.

  1. hiiii....m working as a elderly care giver from september 2017....my work permit will expired in september 2019 ....can i eligible to apply for permanent residence?????
  2. my noc is 4412 nd job title is companionship for seniors
  3. Hi. Can anyone help me with this situation.

    Im currently a live in caregiver for person with disability for 2years already from August 22 2016 to August 22 2018, before my work permit expired I applied for an extension but until now there's no update regarding my application and now I'm thinking if am i allowed to apply PR under new path way for high medical needs while waiting for my valid work permit extension? The Pilot of the new pathway will be done on November and I wanted to submit my PR before it end. Thank you
  5. I noticed that you posted this question few months ago and hope you must know the answer now. For renewing work permit under new pathway, did you apply for LMIA?
  6. Hi I have a questions. Work permit under new pathway was issued for me for only 2 years. Did you renew your work permit and if you did, did you need new LMIA from the same employer as well? I would appreciate your reply.
  7. woeking
    Hi i have same issue .I am working for elder person too.do you get any response from anywhere please share here.b
  8. I hope my experience can help. I worked as a Live-in caregiver for children with disability. My NOC was 6474. My work permit expired 2 months before I finish my 24 month work that is because I didn’t start working right away when I got here (there was a delay with the release of my SIN). So I applied for a work permit extension with the same employer and I submitted it 45 (April) days before my work permit expired (May). I was under implied status then until I got my new work permit in August. For the extension of work permit, you don’t need a new LMIA if you are working with the same employer. They just need an updated contract and letter of the employer. Then I submitted my application for PR under new Pathway Caring for Person with high medical needs end of september. Got an email from IRCC end of October that my application is completed. I was scheduled for landing interview 3rd week of November and officially a permanent resident on the 21st of November. God is great. I hope everyone is doing well. Just keep the faith and we will all achieve our goals.

  9. P.S.
    Just submit your old LMIA together with your updated employment contract
  10. Thanks you so much for your reply. I was worried that i would need new LMIA and the process to get LMIA is long.
  11. My pleasure. Just submit with your work permit extension application the copy of your LMIA together with the updated contract that indicates until when you will be working with the same employer. God bless!
  12. Hey can anyone help me?
    I did sign on form 0008 but at the top of last page, I forgot to print my name where it asks for consent to release information to the province for purposes of immigration and refugees protection act.
    What should I do besides waiting? Thanks
  13. Hi,

    I am being anxious about my application for PR under the High Medical Needs Program. I am a RPN.

    Nov 15 mailed out my application
    Nov 16 delivered by UPS
    Nov 19 CIC received
    Nov 21 started processing, linked the application to online account
    Nov 22 received an email of UIC/AOR
    Nov 27 passed eligibility, invitation to Pre-arrival services

    There is no update since Nov 27, 2018.

    Whate is the invitation to Pre-arrival services? I am in Canada already.

    Any interpretation of my appication?

    I saw many other posts saying that the PR under the new caregiver program took very short time. I am waiting anxiously. It is Dec 11 already!



  14. Good morning!
    Just wanna ask , do I need to wait for the approval of my work permit extension before I can apply for my temporary resident visa?then wait for visa approval before I can apply for pr?coz it is so confusing:((different people, different advice), my work permit expired dec. 18,and my trv expired last November 30.
    We've been out of the country for 45 days.do I need to wait for 45 days more before I apply for pr to pay my days out of the country?

    Thanks a lot in advance for your reply,
    God bless:)
  15. Hello,
    I have a question about 24moths working period requirement for apply under child caregiver program!
    I started working from March 2017 as a child caregiver. I have been on family visits for almost 3 months till now! In 2017 for 2 months and in 2018 for 1 month. So when is good time to apply for PR application under New Child Caregiver program?
    As I saw on CIC website we can have some leaves! And as per my consultant I can have 15days leave officially in a year!
    Please advise me what is perfect time to apply which consider as mine 24months of working period!


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