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How to apply for PR under NEW Caregiver Program

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by 02020202, Nov 29, 2014.

  1. Which type of police clearance did you apply? Did you also apply for extension of WP before submitting the application?
  2. For you guys who got the landing interview letter, usually by mail or email?
  3. Did you have to go through medical exam before the extension of work permit.
    Just submit your old LMIA together with your updated employment contract[/QUOTE]
  5. Hi guys
    Please enlighten my way I am going to finish 24 months in mid of April under caregiver category my NOC code is 6471 job title is personal care provider but I am caring for a female above 85 years. While there is a point that the applicant must work under 4412 so my question is that can I still apply PR under caring people with high medical needs?
    Please give some suggestions what to do about it ?
  6. Hello,
    Has anyone submitted application lately? Please share your timeline.

    My application was received on Feb.24 I have not heard anything from them.

  7. Hi same here. My application receives on March 11.I got no email .when not about receiving my application.I tracked it and it reached on March 11.
  8. Hi.
    My application received 18 September.
    In process. 6 months ago. New pathway Caregiver for children.
  10. Have you applied under care for high medical needs.
  11. Yes. You must have all pays tubs for all
    • full-time work means at least 30 hours of paid work per week
  12. Hello, any update on your file? Please share your timeline.
  13. Please update your timeline.
  14. Hi guys,
    Please I need some help or advice. I came to Canada thru student entry. I did finish my 2 programs and have my open work permit. I started working in a retirement home as a full time personal support worker from January 2017 to present since I have learned I can use it to apply for PR under Caring for people with high medical needs with NOC 3413. My question is since the caring for people with high medical needs has been abolished can I still apply under this pathway as I am already here in Canada and been working to complete the work requirement which is 2years.? Please any advice or info will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you so much in advance.
  15. Hi. We are in the same situation, I also have incomplete degree. Did you able to get ECA assessment or equivalent? Thanks

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