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How to apply for PR under NEW Caregiver Program

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by 02020202, Nov 29, 2014.

  1. Does anyone have a sample letter of employment for work permit extension? My employer doesnt know what to write. Also do i need a new LMIA to extend my work permit it still with the sane employer. I will appreciate all ur help
  2. Hi, is anyone here has a copy of letter from employer i just need it to extend my work permit. My employer doesnt know what to write. Also, to extend the work permit do i need to have a new Lmia its still with the same employer. Thanks in advance
  3. HI ..did you send open work permit appliation together with your PR applicaiton
  4. Have anyone seen the new rule they set for those who come to Canada on the care for children pathway? Looks like who don't make 2 years until November 2019 won't be eligible to apply for the PR.
    How come they put that new rule? I had a friend applying for the program really soon and he was hoping to be a permanent resident!!

    "We will stop accepting applications for this permanent resident program on November 29, 2019. If you don’t have two years of full-time work experience as a caregiver before it closes, you won’t be eligible to apply."

  5. This is just my opinion:

    You are correct, she needs to enroll as international student if she wants to take the full time course. But the catch is, if she’s on a temporary work visa, its not possible. She needs to apply fo a student visa.

    As far as tution is concern, the best way is to ask the school about mode of payment.

  6. My opinion is: your friend might not get approved if that is the case. Or, if she gets approve, she cant apply for PR. She can only work for a specific time or based on the contract.

  7. Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum and is also in the beginning months of working as a child caregiver. I would like to ask for your opinion or experience regarding my case.

    I graduated nursing in the Philippines last 2015 (note: I don't have any work experience prior to my move in Canada) then came here in Canada in 2017 as an international student. I took Gerontology nursing (basically branch of nursing that caters with the elderly population) for 1 year and received my post graduate work permit last November 2017. Now, I started working as a child caregiver since January and my employer will be giving me LMIA work permit after my PGWP expires in November 2018. So my question is, in the future, let's say when I apply for PR, will I be eligible for caring for children pathway (I know they said it's closing but still hoping that they will open it again after the review of the pathway)? I'm worried because I don't really have an experience as a childcare provider but as part of my nursing background, I did complete trainings for taking care of children and basically all lifespan. Also, since I entered Canada as a student and studied a specific branch of Nursing (which is care for the elderly) I'm afraid that it might cause a problem when I apply for PR in the future.

    I hope you can give me a piece of advice regarding this. Thanks!
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  8. Hi. Just wanna ask about the situation of my work permit and how to apply for an extension, open and permanent residence so in my work permit the occupation is "Live-in Caregiver for Person with disability'' but the Remarks which in the bottom part of my work permit says "Not under LCP" what does it means? can anyone help me since my work permit expires in 5 months?
  9. That means you are not under the LiveIn Caregiver Program. You can apply for PR using the New Pathway for Caregivers
  10. So my work permit will expire in 5 months should i apply for extension of my work permit first before applying open work permit and permanent residence?
  11. Hello guys , I would like to ask you did I need to police clearance for canada as I am here for last 7 years and if yes then how long before I can do ? I am gonna apply under highly medical needs in June end 2018. Your answer would be really appreciated.
  12. when are you planning to apply for PR?
  13. yes, you are eligible to apply PR on Caring for children pathway.
  14. I applied under LCP, but I didn't submit any canadian police clearance. they didn't ask for it as well when processing is on going. but if you want to get one, you can.
  15. Thank you for your reply....

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