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Havana, Cuba

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by KJG, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. well I think it is a good sign that they requested the RPRF.....wouldn't think they would ask for it if they were going to refuse.....may I ask when you received your approval and when your file was sent to Havana???? I totally understand the miss my husband part.......missing mine so much as well.........
  2. Hi KJG, Yes, you're right asking for the RPRF is a good sign and believe me, I was so happy when I got the email. I just hope they call requesting his passport very soon. We submitted our application January 2012, but CIC misplaced our application and once they located it, we were aproved (April). File was sent to Havana in April as well, and a few weeks later the Havana office contacted us requesting originals. I was reading some comments on a different website and one of the other girls submitted her file in Jan aswell, and they were approved this month (June). Others submitted theirs in Feb and they have also been approved. I guess we would have been in the same boat if everything had been in order. You shouldn't be long either.
  3. wow....that is awesome...suddenly I feel alot better....thank you.......and I am sure that phone call will be coming soon!!!!
  4. :) Am glad this info made you feel better. It looks like Havana is moving nicely. I would feel better too if someone would be able to answer the following: when the visa post advices you to pay RPRF but there is no mention of an interview, does that mean that the interveiw has been waived? or will that come later? Just one of my many questions :)
  5. my thoughts CRZN is that the interview would have been waived........because one would think if they are requiring an interview that they aren't 100% sure and would not request the fees until after the interview when they said yes.....
  6. That would be awesome, but why I asked is because one of the girls mentioned that she paid the RPRF the end of May and had the interview in June. I imagine that the visa post requested it and that's why she paid it, so if that was the case why ask for the RPRF if there were still some questions and that's why they scheduled and interview. I was trying to find out more details from her, but hasn't replied.
  7. well I guess our line of thought makes too much sense then for the government........well I was under the impression that everyone pretty much got interviewed in Havana but glevya on this forum said her spouse did not and someone else commented that they knew a few couples as well.....all my friends that I know have been interviewed......

    maybe the government does not want to proceed if the RPRF is not paid just to ensure that you are still wanting to immigrate before they really start working on your file.......

    hopefully someone who has gone through this process recently will post their experience on here!!!!
  8. I know someone who didn't get an interview and my husband heard of a few others who didn't get an interview either. It all depends on the officer and each individual case. Hopefully this girl will give me more details on her experience and will let you know. I just don't want more time to go by and an interview means that we have to be apart longer until it's scheduled :(
  9. yes.....well you get usually a 3 week heads up for the interview.....which isn't too bad....but when you have waited for the approval...and then the processing....and then you add that in it's like forever........ I was just in Cuba in May to see my husband and will probably go back in Sept or Oct.....our 1 year anniversary is in October but I don't know if I can wait that long to see him so I am thinking September!!!!
  10. Yeah then wait for exit visa, it's never ending process. I hope your husband will be here before then, and you wont have to go back. Keep positive and keep praying.
    Well i got a response from the girl and she says that she paid for the RPRF once she could afford to, so i get the impression that the Havana office hadn't asked for it. I guess they would have asked for it once he was approved after his interview. That means my hubby might have gotten his interview waived since they asked for the RPRF before time, but you never know, I read so many different experiences. I just have to keep positive and keep faith in God that he will be home with me soon. :)
  11. exactly right.....faith keeps us going.......and I hope your husband does not have an interview so no further delays!!!!
  12. Thank you KJG. We have been through so much already, so we are both very happy that we're near the end of this process.
  13. Yes.....I can't wait for this to be over either! Now I just check twice a day (well sometimes more..LOL) to see if the file has been updated to "in process". My euphoria over the aor and approval have now diminshed and I want to see "in process" very bad!!!! :D
  14. LOL I check ecas once in a while, but try not to. I hear that it's not very reliable, and doesn't show the current process status. Mine doesn't show "in process" yet, but they have contacted me about missing docs, so it should say in process. I wont check too often, it will drive me even more mad :)
  15. well that sucks :( so it will be up to this thread to keep me sane.......!!!!!!

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