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Havana, Cuba

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by KJG, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. Hi, I am new to this forum but I thought I would start a Havana, Cuba forum for those sponsoring a family member from Cuba. I find that this forum is great for support and information for those of us in the process and believe me it is needed. My application was received at CIC on February 27th, 2012 and I am waiting, somewhat patiently, for my approval. As of yesterday they are currently working on applicaitons received February 22, 2012.
  2. KJG, thanks for starting this thread. I am sponsoring my spouse from Cuba. CIC received our file May 15th, so I am trailing you. My spouse and I have a couple of friends whose spousal sponsorship applications were recently processed relatively quickly by Havana, in 3-4 months and this included requests for additional documents, so hopefully we will be reunited with our families in short order.
  3. Yes some of my Cuban friends have had their applications go pretty fast once they hit Havana. Out of the 4 friends all were approved and in Canada within 8 to 14 months from beginning to end. It is nice to share with people who are applying from the same place. It gives everyone reference for timelines and what is happening, not to mention support which we all need as anything to do with the government is frustrating!!! I met a girl from Toronto in January who applied for her spouse to come in April and she used a lawyer from Montreal so we chat back and forth on email and facebook, makes one feel so not alone. My family is very supportive but they are not the ones in love and separated so hard for them to understand at times.
  4. Well looks like there is alot of movement today....if anyone has applied for sponsorship with a VO for Havana.....if you have received an AOR or approval letter.....let us know please please please.....thanks so much!!!!! ;D
  5. Was really hoping to share some experiences with those of you have a family member/spouse you have sponsored from Cuba!!! Is there anybody out there who has had approval lately and their file has been sent to Havana?
  6. Because it is raining out and I am having a quiet day, here is some information I came across on one of the other posts with respect to processing the applications in Havana:

    20% within 5 months
    30% within 6 months
    50% within 7 months
    70% within 9 months
    80% within 10 months

    don't forget that this time starts once your approval has been received and your application sent to the VO
  7. Let's all cross our fingers and toes that we're within the 20% and that are families will be reunited as soon as possible. This waiting game is hell! And with the price of phone calls and state of the internet connection in Cuba, communication is not easy or cheap.
  8. Yes and trying to get holidays every 3 or 4 months does not sit well with my employer!!!! I was foolish enough to think I would have been approved by now and the file in Havana and a possible interview would be September/October but me thinks not now. I really want to be there for the interview but I can't go in Sept/Oct and then 2 months later....work just won't let me so now we have to make a decision. Do I go in Sept/Oct or do I wait till we get a call for an interview. So frustrating. I don't know if anyone has not had an interview with this VO, I don't think so. :'(
  9. I know the feeling. We have no idea what the best option is right now with planning visits. It is so difficult to make plans when you have no sense of time lines.

    Of our friends who have gone through Havana VO, one had an interview (probably because their relationship progressed very quickly) and the other did not.
  10. Really....you had a friend who did not have an interview??? That is awesome! Well my husband and I knew each other for two years before we got married and next week is our 6 month anniversary so it would be nice to have that waived....but at this point I just want to be approved and the file sent out!!!!! What were your friends timelines like once the file got to Havana? I was speaking to my girlfriend who livesves in Edmonton and she is cuban....her husband was approved as sponsor in about 6 weeks and then once her file went to Havana it was another 6 months so a total of 8 months for her.
  11. Hi! I found the topic! So I was approved as the sponsor and received the email on May 7. Our application was received on Feb. 2. My husband got a call today in Cuba from immigration stating that they have already reviewed our application but one form was missing some info so I'm going to fax it to them tomorrow. This is good right? I can't believe they have already looked at our app!! Do you think that once they have the correct info it shouldn't be that long?
    Hope you get your letter soon bb! I know how tough it can be :)
  12. Hi gleyva.....That is just so exciting that your husband has already received a call and that they have reviewed the file. I don't know for sure, but once all the paperwork is in and your file is complete...I would think the next step is going to be for a caseworker to review the contents in it's entirety and decide whether an interview or not is needed.....but to hear that your file is already looked at is great. I would think not too much longer for you!!! Maybe the backlog in CIC Missassauga had decreased the backlog in Havana and they are processing faster now!!!!

    Yes I am really counting on hearing this week and if I don't I will be so so disappointed once again.
  13. Hi ladies...
    Glad someone started a post.

    We were married on February 17th 2012
    Package received @mississauga April 2nd 2012

    Fingers crossed all will go smoothly for all of us.

    Do any of you foresee any reason for extra security interviews etc? Ie; military past, previous relationship, children? Etc?
  14. No my experience is that the interview the majority of the times is to make sure you have a "real" marriage. Of course Cuban men cannot leave Cuba unless they have fulfilled their military requirements but that is on your application and when he goes for his exit permit they will double check this.

    I was married October 19th and my application was received Feb 28th....still waiting for my approval...but I am confident that once the file reaches Havana all will be good since we have now been together 2.5 years.
  15. Havana office is a crazy one.
    I have had a Cuban friend that was with his spouse for 3 mOnths before marriage and was approved and in Canada 5 months to the day after the wedding, and people in a 2 year plus relationship denied because of lack of communication/and real face time together
    Seen huge age differences accepted and denied, just depends on who gets your file.
    It is all Cuban staff who cOmplete and check the files, then the Canadian staff give final seal of approval.
    Someone I know just arrived and it was 5.5 months from the day package was submitted until she landed here.

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