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Havana, Cuba

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by KJG, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. cicfrustrated...What a rotten situation. My heart goes out to you.

    I am not sure if this would be of any assistance, but you considered talking to your local MP's office about your situation while you are waiting for your CAIPS notes? CAIPS requests can take a long time to come through. There is no doubt that some MP's offices are more helpful than others, but hopefully you can catch a break somewhere.
  2. Question to those sponsoring a Cuban spouse:

    As for Cuban exit permits, are you looking at getting a PVE or PRE to initially leave Cuba? We have a couple of friends who in the past year got a PVE to leave Cuba and be reunited with their spouses as soon as possible, and then applied for the PRE after arriving in Canada through the Cuban Consulate or Embassy. The PVE is quicker to obtain in Cuba than the PRE, so though you still need to obtain the PRE later on, going the PVE route leads to quicker turnaround to exit Cuba. Our friends obtained their PREs through the Cuban Consulate or Embassy within a few months of arriving in Canada.
  3. What is the cost associated with a PVE and then do you still have to pay the full $600 for the PRE???
  4. I'm not sure what they paid in costs to later obtain the PREs, but the PVEs cost them 150 CUC (but it's Cuba, so this amount may have changed since then). Also, both of them were living in Matanzas province. I have heard that costs for PREs and PVEs vary from province to province.

    Each obtained their PVEs within a couple of weeks after application.
  5. PVE is initially faster and cheaper, @$150
    PRE is @$550 I believe, $400 cuc for a Cuban medical which normally never actually happens, they just pay $400 and receive a stamp. And $150 for the carta blanca (exit visa)
    However, if a Cuban arrives on a PVE, you are still require to pay $55 per month to the consulate here in Canada until the PRE is approved. I have seen people get the PRE approved here fast, but have also people waiting 11 months. And one or two people actually denied their PRE here in Canada and has to return to Cuba and receive their PRE there.
    So again, as with all things Cuban, it's a mess lol
    My husban will just apply for his PRE and we will wait and pay, especially since he has a house in Cuba, we want to make sure that we don't get screwed around with the proper exit papers.
    Cubans used to be able to "PRE-apply" for the PRE so that it didn't take so long once the actual Canadian visa is granted. It is worth a try for him to go to the office and find out, have the paper work filled out and ready to complete once it's time.
    I submitted my package to Mississauga April 2....hoping to hear something by the end of the month, just came back from Havana last week, and Iam going back in September!!!
  6. Well my friends and husband are from Matanzas City and the PRE for last Sept/Oct was $600 and exit on top of that and of course that is in CUC.....I will just do the PRE and be done with it...no more embassies and/or consulates for awhile after this I hope!!!!! And my girlfriend had her pre within 3 weeks so that was pretty good.....although having said that when I sent in my application the waiting time was 58 days LOL and I waited double that!!!!
  7. So are you saying they paid $600 for the "medical" and PRE and then $150 for a carta Blanca?
    $750 total?
    My girlfriend is bringing her mom here on the 5 year multiple visa, and it was $400 plus $150 carta Blanca in Havana, last Friday.
  8. Yes the PRE was $600 cuc and the exit $150....and for $600 cuc you get a stamp!!! Nothing but a money grab on both accounts :(

    Good news is at least our spouses have more options now of airlines and are not stuck with Cubana Air which is soo very expensive.......
  9. I found Cubana quite reasonable $195 taxes inc one way Havana to Toronto last month.
    Not sure what the matanzas office is doing but that is a rip-off.!!!
  10. Seriously....in Matanzas we were quoted like $565 one way.........for one person......will have to do some more investigating into that for sure........do you book online from here or in Havana and if in Havana with who????
  11. Go online to the Cubana d aviacion website, u can check your dates through the rest of the year, very reasonable. If you are in Toronto their office is at king and Bathurst
  12. thanks....I live just outside of Toronto.....!!!!
  13. I've regularly found good deals with Cubana - between $200 and $250 taxes included. I typically book online through their website. I've also found good deals with WestJet.
  14. my flights to cuba are pretty good and I fly into Matanzas.....my concern was the one way ticket from Cuba to Toronto when my husband gets his visa but there is time for me to look into that a bit more......I briefly looked at Cubana's website....they don't fly into Matanzas (Varadero) from what I can see....just Havana or some other spots....am I mistaken on that?
  15. I just went on their site, they do varadero to Toronto on Fridays, and price I pulled up was $187 USD, which is their average 1 way flight prices
    Not sure why you couldn't pull it up, but I just did.

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