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Havana, Cuba

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by KJG, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. Thanks for the insight....and it seems my whole 5.5 months is going to be taken up at Mississauga waiting for my approval :p
  2. Here's hoping some Havana applicants get some news today....... ;D
  3. Just got an AOR tonite via email......whoot whoot!!!! So happy to know they have my application and finally it is in process!!!!! :D :D :D
  4. Congratz KJG! Approval shouldn't be far behind! You should celebrate!!!
  5. oh yes for sure....earlier in the day it was going to be a weekend to drown my sorrows but now I can toast to my AOR....LOL....imagine getting an email at 8pm???? go figure......
  6. Now your weekend should involve a celebratory drink. May I suggest a Cuba Libre or Mojito?
  7. Congrats!!! That's great!!!
  8. Yep now just waiting for my UCI# to work online - baby steps I know!!!!!!
  9. Finally I am on ecas!!!!! Now to get my approval letter and the first stage is done!!!!! :)
  10. You are TOTALLY right, they are really messed up in Havana Visa Office, there is not consistency, and its just matter of luck and whoever is looking at your case. My husband and I are going through hell with these ppl, we're both Cuban but I have lived in Canada for the last 6 years, so I'm a Canadian Citizen now. We met 9 years ago and had a very serious relationship back then, that ended when I came to Canada in 2006, because we were very young at that point. In Jan 2011 I traveled to Cuba and we decided to get back together. We got married in May 2011, none of us had been married before or had children. He's only one year older than me, we provided all kinds of proofs, tons of emails, a lot of money spent in phone calls, text messages, a million pictures, hotel stays, I traveled again after the wedding in Jan 2012. We had a big wedding with all family members and friends, we had a honeymoon and they still called him for an interview. The interview was on March 15th, 2012....is June/2012 and we are still waiting. During the interview, they actually told my husband "o.k now the Immigration Officer believes your marriage is real" (like they had any reasons to think it was fake)...when my husband told me I thought that was extremely insulting... anyways when we asked them what's going on, all they said is that my husband passed the interview, but they have to determine if he is admissible which is based on the medical exams and background checks.....it's worth to mention they had the medical exam results even before my husband went for the interview....my husband is totally healthy, so all they had to do is a background check for a person that does NOT have criminal record, have NEVER worked for the government or for the military, and had NEVER lived in any other country than Cuba. Because of their inefficiency my husband's medical exams just expired this month and he will have to go through that again. However, they were very efficient when charging us $490 for the "Permanent Residence Right Fee", they asked us for the money since November 2011. In other words, they already charged us for a Visa that "they are still determining whether or not it will be issued". It is really sad that we can't even complaint, and just because of that they will keep doing whatever they want. I have recently requested the infamous "CAIPS Notes" on our case. Also wanted to ask if anyone here knows someone that was called for an interview, and how long took that person to land in Canada after the interview, Im also considering going to Cuba in August and requesting an interview with the Visa Officer....does anyone have any suggestions at all?? Anything that could help us will be greatly appreciated...good luck everyone!!

  11. Oh my....out of the four couples I know of that went to an interview all were told immediately yes or no.....3 got a yes and 1 got a no. The three who received yeses got to do their PRE $600 and then got their exit permit and all of them where in Canada within 2 months of the interview. The couple who got a no were advised that the information they provided was not enough to substantiate a real marriage. I thought once the interview was granted and you got a yes it was just a matter of getting the money together to pay for the PRE and exit permit....not happy to hear what is happening with you at all.
  12. Well they said yes during the interview, but it's been 3 months since the interview now, they haven't even called him so that he goes again to repeat the medical exams, and whenever I check the status online is "in process"...I thought that after they said yes, you passed the interview, it was just matter of a few weeks... max a month to get the Visa, but we have been waiting forever with no answer and its getting very frustrating and stressful, more than it should be. I think they have been delaying the process intentionally, that's why I requested the CAIPS NOTES, they let the medical exams to expire intentionally too and now its like starting all over again, which is extremely insensitive, time and energy consuming. Not to mention how much money I keep spending in calls, and the possibility that I'll have to go back again. All they say when we ask is that the application is within the time frame, (it's like they have a goal to meet or something) which sounds ridiculous when it comes to family reunification. All I know is that it's been 10 months since we sent the application to Mississauga, and 7 months since they got it at the Visa office in Havana, and we are still waiting, haven't heard from them in 3 month and apparently they have no intentions to do so. Thank you for replying back though, hope you have better luck!!!
  13. Oh lord...that is absolutely awful. So I am sorry if I am being dense here just like to make sure I get my facts straight.....so you got a yes at the interview but your medicals have now expired and what about the police check is that expired as well??....do you not just go back and do the medical and police check again and re-submit that and then don't you have to do the PRE before they issue the Visa and once the Visa is issued you can get the exit permit??? My biggest worry is my 3 friends who received yeses were female and my friend who received a no was male :-[ And now I hear this about your husband....makes me worry.
  14. No, they said that if the medical exams expired, they will call him and let him know where to go to get the medical exams repeated (we are still waiting). During the interview he gave them another police certificate, BUT I heard that they do further background investigations with an agency here in Canada that is the Canadian version of the F.B.I in the U.S (I CAN'T REMEMBER THE AGENCY NAME NOW). The PRE and exit permit has nothing to do with the Visa Office though, these are issue by Cuban emigration authorities, only after the Canadian Visa Office has issued the Visa. Therefore the most important part is to get the damn Visa, which them have been delaying for no reasons. And yes, I heard that for guys it might take longer, don't know what's the rationale behind that. Don't worry, hopefully the idiot that has been dealing with my case is not same person working on yours. Take care!!!
  15. well please keep us posted and definitely order the caips notes and see what the heck is going on.......btw....love your username!!!!

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