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Havana, Cuba

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by KJG, Jun 7, 2012.

  1. I guess I will try again....maybe I was on a different site because I was being quoted in canadian dollars....comparable to what I pay with other airlines....anyway not really interested in flying them regularly was more curious for when my spouse flies to canada
  2. found it...thank you
  3. Good Morning Cuba thread.....will I logged onto ecas and all I am getting is an acknowledgement that file was received on Feb 28th.....hoping to get more news this week so tired of waiting....knew it was a long process but was thinking that part would be Havana and not Canada!!!
  4. Very quiet week.......see that March received quite a few approvals yesterday.....February is still waiting :p
  5. My hope was by the end of June to hear something, maybe it could happen!!!
    Package was received April 2nd.
    So we are getting there.
    Great events happening in TO this weekend so lots to do to stayed occupied!
  6. Do not give up hope......!!!! Yes Peterborough is pretty good with events in the summertime as well....and just a short drive to TO!!!! ;D
  7. Well my ecas shows "decision made" under sponsorship....letter mailed June 20th.....grrrr......so would have loved an email....they sent the aor by email......hoping it's in the mail tonite when I go home!!!!
  8. Same here! This is great news. On to step 2 for you.
  9. yes..but will feel better when I have letter in hand for sure!!!!! ;D
  10. My approval was in the mail tonite!!!! Yippee....file sent to Havana on June 20th....let the next countdown begin :)
  11. Does anyone know if Havana issues an AOR????
  12. Hey KJG, if your application is straightforward like ours was, your husband will get the call for the visa in no time. They got our application on May 7 and I think he's getting his visa today (he is in Havana right now waiting to go back and get his passport). I can't believe how fast it was after they got it, I'm freaking out right now!!!! I hope it's good news for you too!
  13. Seriously.......I can't believe it......that is awesome.....should be straightforward.......did your husband have an interview???
  14. Just want to say that this whole waiting deal is driving me crazy. Our file is now in Havana, but my Rep didn't send some originals and Havana requested them. At that time they also requested we pay the RPRF. We submitted the originals and paid the RPRF immediately. It took about 4 weeks for payment to be processed by CIC and it has been almost 2 months since we paid, and we are still waiting to hear from Havana. What I undertand is that once they request RPRF is because they're ready to issue visa or does it work differently in the Cuba post? Hopefully, they will be contacting us shortly. I miss my husband.

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